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1. A Bloody Canvas - Invincible
Please dont you dare leave my side i need you and i love you, those words should be enough to make you stay, your wrinkled smile shines like stars...

2. A Bloody Canvas - Dreaming Of
Hello again My dearest friend It's been so long since I've heard your voice Left to have an awkward conversation with the dial tone Just another...

3. A Bloody Canvas - Not Another Corner Store Robbery
In the darkness i will watch you breathing ever so softly, so unawhere that i was ever there, you never noticed the footsteps outside your bedroom...

4. A Bloody Canvas - Astronomy Can Be Fun
Tonight, tonight I'll meet you Underneath the stars... I'll sing you something so beautiful To spark the fireworks hidden behind your eyes I'll sing...

5. A Bloody Canvas - Barefoot
Can you stand in the heat and not get burnt by the street can you stand on your own and say that your not alone can you stand when i stare at your...

6. A Bloody Canvas - Good Ol' Outlaws
I'll cross my t's and gouge your eyes no need to hold back dear wipe away your crimson tears and whisper softly in my ear i hope you know i hate...

7. A Bloody Canvas - Blame The Doctor, Not The Pills
This sickness seeps over every cell and every pore creeping up and down my veins, silent murder the face in the mirror shatterd when it fell maybe im...

8. A Bloody Canvas - Life On The Murder Scene
I wish I could blame you for this aching in my heart hate you for everything you never did wrong untouchable mistakes, unseen and unspeakable i could...

9. A Bloody Canvas - A Car Crash Caused By Karma
The sky was perfect on the night we met thunderstorms seemed so far away sunlight shining through my window showed that I had no reason to be afraid...

10. A Bloody Canvas - All Ego's Aside
My eyes watch you ease your way to his side slowly, effortlessly placing a knife in myhand you, you never, never broke the skin, it was me who held...

11. A Bloody Canvas - I Wish I Could Write Like You
I read those words again for the third time today You make it sound so simple and yet so complex My hearts always hidden behind metaphors But why...

12. A Bloody Canvas - Funerals Are Fun When You Can't Feel
Your lacerating lips lain upon mine for the last time painful papercuts strewn across my gums your such a pretty example of a picture perfect...

13. A Bloody Canvas - Eternal Sunshine
Cut me out of your photographs and erase every word close your eyes and when you wake up i hope your happy left with empty letters lined with empty...

14. A Bloody Canvas - At Least I Forget Dreams When I Wake Up
You deserve only the best a silver bullet shot straight through your chest so you wont infest my dreams tonight (your my biggest mistake, my biggest...

15. A Bloody Canvas - Nevermore
My mirage slowly fades into a jagged, transparent illusion of what I never was A delicate construction of a breathless tale It’s all so contrived A...

16. A Bloody Canvas - Midnight Strolls
My pale skin constantly reflects into the sky a subtle hint that the stars will fall tonight the stars were never on our side i take my midnight...

17. A Bloody Canvas - Broken Mirror Dreams
And oh my god this stabbing feeling is killing me up and down my spine, how can i ever say i'm fine? my head begins to spin and my gut turned inside...

18. A Bloody Canvas - Summers Awakening
Every night you'd fall asleep to my seranades a collection of spoken words and whispers like a prophet without text, i could not say what would...

19. A Bloody Canvas - Dreaming Of Nothing
Hello again My dearest friend It's been so long since I've heard your voice Left to have an awkward conversation with the dial tone Just another...

20. A Bloody Canvas - Meet You In Memory
I cant forget you, i cant forget you tonight we'll dance upon the memories flirting with disaster, get my heart beating faster theres something...

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