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Ja Rule - Live My Life

[Intro: N.O.R.E.]
Yeah niggas, yeah
Uhhh, that's what I'm talkin 'bout right here niggas
That's what I'm talkin 'bout right here Gotti
This what I needed, nigga

This the shit I wanted right here
This another "Nahmeanuheard"!
It's off Beelzebub for real
Gon' live my life man (I'mma live my life...)
Stop hatin' on us (Stop hatin' on us...)
Talk to 'em

[Chorus: Ja Rule & N.O.R.E. ad libbing]
Life, love, me
I'm gon' live my life, hey
Thug Life, Lord you know me
This ain't life, this ain't love, save me
I'm gon' live my life, hey
Thug Life, Lord you know me

Yo, yo
So what, you think I'm 'posed to live in the hood my whole damn life
And get married on the Ave. with my damn wife
(N.O.R.E. & Ja Rule)
I'm gon' live my life, and she gon' live her life
And we gon' be a-aight
So shit, I send the kites to my niggas in jail (Send that kite, nigga)
And tell them niggas we good, once N.O. sell
And to my street niggas, we done flipped out and beat niggas
And made the loudest niggas turn dis-creet niggas
As far as these chicks, they lovin' the pipe
And she don't even like you, wanna thug in her life
See, she wanna a nigga go and walk the hood with her
That nigga try to front on her, I'm in the hood with her
Shit, so stressed I could see it in her face--
When she walking down the block, but with me feel safe
And them niggas won't front, have them dudes erased, it go...


See I'm a vet, nigga, and I could take you to school
And it's my fifth album, 'bout to quit like Rule
So go head and try it, see it just don't match
And ya man hate me, 'cause y'all just don't match
Got my gun on me, and I could walk you upstairs
'Til you get inside the crib, girl, I ain't scared
And tell ya man don't even come outside (Y'all niggas stay in the crib!)
'Cause if he even try frontin', I'mma make that nigga run outside
See I'm a, thug for real, I hold the steel
And I could walk you through the hood on the darkest hill
See she love N.O.R.E., plus any nigga like me
Drivin' in the drop with a 10 cent icey
Shit, she want a thug that's basically
See she scared in the projects, but safe with me
Shit, N.O... (N.O...) R to the E
Spin out at 90 I'm hard with the V, it go...


Yo, a-yo, good green, 'bout to get some Valley stick
I'm on the west coast, fuckin' with my Cali bitch
And she always want some in the night and the morning
Wanna know everywhere, and where I'm performin'
Shit, but it's aight, just let her ride
Yo she down wit' a nigga, just let her ride
(N.O.R.E. & Ja Rule)
I'm gon' live my life, and she gon' live her life, yo...

[Chorus: Ja Rule & N.O.R.E. ad libbing]
Life, love, me
I'm gon' live my life, hey
Thug Life, Lord you know me
This ain't life, this ain't love, save me
I'm gon' live my life, hey
Thug Life, Lord you know me

[N.O.R.E. talking]
See, we just tryin' to live our life, man (See... we livin' our life, baby)
We not even paying attention to y'all dudes, man (Dudes)
Talking 'bout 'cha paper
Ain't nobody even ask you how many--how much you got, homeboy (How much money
you got homeboy, chill out!)
Chill out, man! (Live ya life)
Word up, we just livin' our life, doin' our thing (We livin' our life)
Thugged Out Militainment style (Thugged Out Militainment)
Ya underdig? (Ya underdig?)
We keepin' percolatin' up in the knahpsmeanyaheard? (Knahpsmeanyaheard?)
Pop done popped'd off (Poppin' off)
Jump off done jumped off (It done jumped off alot, though)
Off Beelzebub for real (Get them condoms nigga!)
Yeah, tonight, put the Henny away tonight, y'all
(Put the Henny away tonight)
We gon' drink that Cris' shit, and that Don Perignon shit
(That Cristal, that Don Perignon and that good shit)
Nah, nah, nah, put the Smirnoff away, nigga (Nah, no Smirnoff, baby)
We not drinkin' the Smirnoff tonight (Not tonight, y'all chill!)
None of that shit, man (Grimey ass niggas!)
Put the 50 cent beer away (Put the 50 cent beer away, we ain't drinkin' that)
We gon' drink that expensive shit tonight, baby
(Yeah, yeah, we ain't grimey tonight)
We gon' be Holly"hood" tonight, baby (Holly"hood" tonight, baby)
Irv Gotti (Irv Gotti)
Good looking my nigga (Good lookin', nigga)
My nigga Ruleski (Ruleski, where you at, baby)
We doing it up, baby (We doin' it up, nigga)
Thugged Out Militainment, we in here
(Yeah we gon' have fun, Thugged Out Militainment)
We drinkin' that expensive shit, we partyin' tonight niggas
(Expensive shit partyin')
Come wit' us niggas (Come wit' us niggas)
I'm gon' live my life (Gon' live my life)

[Chorus: Ja Rule]
Life, love, me
I'm gon' live my life, hey
Thug Life, Lord you know me
This ain't life, this ain't love, save me
I'm gon' live my life, hey
Thug Life, Lord you know me

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