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21. A Bloody Canvas - Mistakes And False Forgiveness
Is this what regret feels like? a dry mouth and a sick stomach holding your photograph to my heart i'll whisper words that will never reach you "I'm...

22. A Bloody Canvas - One Fatal Mistake
Haunted by mistakes I so carelessly made a past I must now live with I still recall that rainy december night a sick attempt at recovering but now,...

23. A Bloody Canvas - Of The Spotless Mind
(dont wake up, let the sounds soothe you) faceless photographs and no recollection a year lost in time, there is no explanation two strangers on a...

24. A Bloody Canvas - Untitled
"when there is no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth" the bite, tearing of flesh i heard you scream then silence fell....haunted by what...

25. A Bloody Canvas - This Is My Closure
Holding my hands to my head at night i'll wish upon fallen stars just like we fell from eachother i'll dream of perfection but my gray skied past...

26. A Bloody Canvas - View Through My Bedroom Window
Water drips down my windowpane the sky outside stands gry and overcast though this time last year we stood beneath clearer skies with clearer minds...

27. A Bloody Canvas - The Only Slow Song On The Record
You a such a sucker for my sweet talk i love the way your eys fall to the floor when i say "i love you" i love the way your bones begin to shake the...

28. A Bloody Canvas - When Angels Carry Knives They'll Cut Off Thier Wings
The last time i checked i was clearly conciouss but that condition has a way of changing rearranging so severley can you hear me? well i cant hear...

29. A Bloody Canvas - Roses
Lay me out in my sunday best make me handsome, make me proud you watched me grow up, watched me fall stood by my bedside through it all a man in...

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