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1. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Almost Beautiful
There is something almost right There is something that really talks to me There is something wrong but almost good There is something that nearly...

2. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Angel And Mercedes
I'm getting into space man everything is going up and no one is going down where I'm going And I'm getting better at knowing what's outside...

3. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - All Over The World
All over the world The wild wild wind Rips through the mighty words We kept ourselves warm with And all over this love Has never been stronger...

4. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - A Is For Astronaut
You don't have to be grateful For all the world's ills There's plenty of people Never seen the white cliffs of Dover So come on, come on Come...

5. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - All I Want
A cautious smile under the western sky Would curl upwards like the wild sea A special friend knowing all the ways of love Would talk his way back...

6. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - A Week In Politics (is A Long Time)
(Undiscovered Kingdom) In a windy street in a bitter morning a seagull flies into a fire of blazing sun in the minutes after midnight when...

7. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Are You There (with Another Girl)
I hear the music coming out of the radio Are you there with another girl Instead of me I hear your laughter and theres something I've got to know ...

8. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Ash Wednesday
Where would I be,Would I be standing right here We've had such a cruel death would we be as good as to remember a life Would you never live the way...

9. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Always Alone
Always another time Getting lost in a different dream Star crossed and never scared to name it He once was a roving man Now he wears his...

10. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - A Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
Down on the flag stones The accordians And sweet trumpets rise Rusty memories Of sin and doubting Mingle in around The Queen Street Traffic...

11. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Looking For My Own Lone Ranger
I'm looking for my own lone ranger Don't want to follow yours anymore Don't want to be the lonely Tonto in the picture Staring out across horizons...

12. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Proud To Be An Arab
Walk the hill, slowly down Get all of Saturday's news From the back of the Grampian end All Fife's kingdom is in view The pitch it looks like...

13. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - That Brilliant Feeling
I hope one day all the waters will clear I want to see them rolled away I hope one day all the stones and the secrets I want to see them blown...

14. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Little India
I could be king you could be queen I'd give you all the flowers that are evergreen but now ther are no flowers to be seen in little India ...

15. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Your Constant Heart
Your constant heart beats like the road it cuts through the rain and clears the snow and in our summer we take it slow letting the wind die in the...

16. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Rosie Gordon Lies So Still
Don't be afraid to let the rain come in Don't be frightened for your skin The heart's as open as it's Ever been It doesn't beat Or break or cry...

17. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Even Higher Ground
I could almost weep If I could only take your hand we're so close to sleep And so far from deliverance Once in every lifetime Love comes down ...

18. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Here's Singer
Here's singer here's singer heres' singer give it out Here's singer heres singer here's singer give out again Given love given life ...

19. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Mexico Rain
I have come five thousand miles and tried to find the ways to b e happy Travelled through the setting sun I hear those blue lights come I come...

20. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now
There's a shadow on his photograph on tinian'45 smiling like a college boy who's glad to be alive but now he owns a factory and a store in los...

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