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21. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Cresswell Street
You take comfort from your window you take refuge in the sky you can't bare to see the ocean falling, falling If your over there i'm over here ...

22. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - I Was Right And You Were Wrong
I was right and you were wrong girl Nothing lasts forever Inside every one of us There's only so long I believe the longest day girl The lovely...

23. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Good
Now everyone's singing How baby's in black She got Holy Rocker Mad Dog he called Ronnie Say here come old flat top Come moving up slowly And...

24. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - I Will See You Tomorrow
Outside the world The wind is howling Through the broken trees And the moon is shining As the river meets the sea And I will see you...

25. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Homesick
There's me and daddy out at Lunan Bay Now looking dandy stepping out Saturday I can still see the buses Lined up to take the dancing home That's...

26. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Good Evening Philadelphia
Good evening Philadelphia I can't believe what I just said I got up again Like a monkey And I raged right through the set We went outside ...

27. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Love Isn't Hard Its Strong
Whatever I call you's your name You'll get on with it just the same Sometimes you'll blame me And think that love is hard Your lover'll break...

28. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Now That You're Here
Everything's got easier since you've been around Everything's got easier since you've been around If you're thinking of looking at setting me...

29. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - When Will You (make My Telephone Ring)
Pale blue eyes same old house no ties a little bit older but not so worldly wise that i can't see your light's on me making me regretfully...

30. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Every Time You Sleep
I go to work And I get in early Lying to myself I need to be there I pass the church And all the hurly burly Of all the people as they walk...

31. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Love You Like A Son
Early in the evening there's a sun in the sky everybody's happy but there's a tear in your eye the times I never wondered the times I never knew ...

32. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Will We Be Lovers
All my worries All my care Is held in check For you not there Evening comes And darkness falls We sit round And curtain out The black night ...

33. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Take Me To The Place
For Oscar Marzaroli 1933 - 1988 Take me to the place where your heart hurts most Lead me through the dark world gates down there Where all the...

34. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - When Sinners Fall
You always saw the best in me Even when you knew the worst in me Always something I forgot to say You took a while to say what others said Even...

35. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Cut Lip
15 books in Different covers Winter comes in Many colours Kids toys broken glasses Elvis live in Vegas He's still turning All the worthless...

36. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Dignity
There's a man i meet walks up our street he's a worker for the council has been twenty years and he takes no lip off nobody and litter off the...

37. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Raintown
It's a rain-dirt-town-job hurts, but it don't pay all these calls they're making me and driving you insane don't you see don't you understand ...

38. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Something About Ireland
Driving through the frocess in the snow two lines of trees consent to let us go it tells a story of long ago another love that won't let go

39. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - Rae
I can't go with you And I can't let you go You can't be with me So I won't let it show I don't want you to know So I'll just have to let you...

40. Deacon Blue And Ricky Ross - I'll Never Fall In Love Again
What do you get when you fall in love A girl with a pin to burst your bubble Thats what you get for all your trouble I'll never fall in love again...

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