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21. Prince - 5 Women
It took 5 women 2 getcha off of my mind It took 5 months, a plenty good wasted time But it just took 5 minutes when I saw your face again 2 fall...

22. Prince - 2morrow
Well, well, well Maybe I'll want cha 2morrow (The most beautiful girl in the world) On the deep blue sea Perhaps U noticed that I never look U...

23. Prince - Crucial
Baby, U've got 2 be from a different world Cuz just one look from U could make an army surrender Baby, U've got 2 rescue me girl, girl A prisoner...

24. Prince - Chaos And Disorder
(check check, ok cool, rolling) (Hey) (Yeah) Carjack used 2 fix flat tires (Get your ass out of the car now!) Cadillac used 2 be a Benz (hey, get...

25. Prince - Cloreen Bacon Skin
Yeah, one of 'em. Yeah, one of them nice breezy motherfuckers Nigger. what U lookin' 4 nigger? Oh hold it, stop Motherfucker didn't even have...

26. Prince - Brother With A Purpose
{B-side of N.P.G.} MC T on a hit and to make sure I don't miss, kick the beat as this fool persists Step off me, get the hell off, well I'm riding...

27. Prince - Black M.f. In The House
Hey yo, what up man? How much it cost 2 get in this motherfucker? What the... U people can't come in here What U talkin' about man? This is not...

28. Prince - A Woman's Gotta Have It
Performed by Nona Gaye Composed by B. Womack, L. Womack and D. Carter Oh oh oh (A woman's gotta have it) (A woman's gotta have it) Do the things...

29. Prince - 3 Chains O' Gold
If I don't think about the fact that she left me If I don't see the pearls fall from the sky If I don't hear the accusations of blasphemy If I don't...

30. Prince - Calhoun Square
I don't like this much 2 drink I was there I know right now it's hard 2 think I don't care But it's time 4 U and me 2 wonder Why we're here ...

31. Prince - An Honest Man
I want 2 be an honest man I'll be your slave, just understand How much I need U And if I died We'll be 2gether side by side With U I know I can...

32. Prince - Circle Of Amour
Mary, Claire, Denise and Belle Best friends as far as I could tell Chearleaders except 4 Denise She was the wild one She was the beast She was the...

33. Prince - The Dance
Eye don't wanna give U my love 'Cause eye don't wanna lose my mind Eye don't wanna give U my love 'Cause if eye do it's gonna be the last time (eww...

34. Prince - Cybersingle
Chorus: I am the cybersingle, that is me Come and get my download To be free or not to be free, That is the question, see? All the beautiful ones...

35. Prince - 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton
1, 2, 3 get on now I wanna sing, but it's 2 funky 2 nigs united 4 West Compton Come on y'all, aye! On the one, aye! 1, 2, 3, get on now! On the...

36. Prince - Big Fun
Yo, let me light that Haven't I seen U somewhere before? What's your name? U come here often? What's your sign? Yeah Yeah, my sign is Big Fun ...

37. Prince - Lolita
Ow, ow stop it baby U're a VIP at least 2 me Come here and show me some ID Eye know U're fine from head 2 pumps if U were mine we'd bump bump bump...

38. Prince - Avalanche
Aw yeah! He was not or never had been in favor Of setting our people free, no no If it wasn't 4 the 13th Amendment, oh yessir We woulda been born in...

39. Prince - Courtin' Time
It's courtin' time I've been holdin' back a good deal longer than I shouldaoughta I bet U got the notion that I couldn't make up my mind But now I'm...

40. Prince - Come
If U're 18 and over, come here I got something 4 your mind (Come) U should do that baby No more will U cry (Come) The spirit is calling Here's a...

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