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1. Donovan - Be Mine
Oh, I was born with the name Geraldine With hair coal black as a raven. I travelled my life without a care, Ah, but all my love I was savin'. ...

2. Donovan - Bert's Blues
Been a-lookin' for a good girl, But it's taking time. A-been a-lookin' for a good girl, A-one to please my mind as well as my time. I've been...

3. Donovan - Atlantis
The continent of Atlantis was an island Which lay before the great flood In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean. So great an area of land, ...

4. Donovan - As I Recall It
Tonight my life is heavy, I'm weak and down at heel The prisoner in the dungeon will know just how I feel. I'm a well known has-been, a well known...

5. Donovan - A Well Known Has-been
Tonight my life is heavy, I'm weak and down at heel The prisoner in the dungeon will know just how I feel. I'm a well known has-been, a well known...

6. Donovan - Astral Angel
As I recall it, the sun was high, Yellow in the blue, blue sky. You couldn't quite make out this boy, He used life as a toy. In a...

7. Donovan - Belated Forgiveness Plea
Stars 'round the fair moon veil their own shining when She's full on the earth with the light of Her silver Set you to rest on the softest of...

8. Donovan Woods - Car Won't Start
When I heard you two ended my plan was to stick up my hand real quick let you know I was next in line but that ain't a nice way to say it your hair...

9. Donovan - Ballad Of A Crystal Man
The continent of Atlantis was an island which lay before the great flood in the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean. So great an area of land, that...

10. Donovan - Teen Angel
I strolled into a deserted seaside café All on a winter's day. I ordered up a cup of rich brown steaming tea >From an old lady. What happened...

11. Donovan - A Sunny Day
What man you know it's a bright and shiny day. I want to say something to you I love you just like ja do. We know a place where ja's people...

12. Donovan - Sing My Song
When I look out my window, Many sights to see. And when I look in my window, So many different people to be That it's strange, so strange. ...

13. Donovan - Tangier
In Tangier down a windy street Where beggars meet and on old rags do sleep The women dressed in soiled white sheet With starving kids by their...

14. Donovan - Josie
Josie,I wont fail ya, I wont fail you have no fear, Josie,I wont fail ya, Give me one more chance to be as near. The meadows they are bursting ...

15. Donovan - Tangerine Puppet
You see this kind of chick in every town. Whenever there's a scene she's always hanging around She's so naïve and innocent, stares at to it all ...

16. Donovan - Ferris Wheel
I had a dream as daylight touched the sky As breezes chased along the winter lane. I had a dream as dreams alone I dreamt Has every man his...

17. Donovan - Get Thy Bearings
Walking in the seashore twilight, It's then you spy carnival lights, You slowly near the magic sight, Tangerine sky minus one kite. Take time...

18. Donovan - Jersey Thursday
"In a tiny piece of colored glass My love was born And reds and golds and yellows Were the colors in the dawn Night brought on its purple cloak...

19. Donovan - The Alamo
A hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to die By a line that he drew with his sword as the battle drew nigh A man that crossed over the...

20. Donovan - Dark-eyed Blue Jean Angel
My love she's a flower Perfuming the air where'er she blooms, With her silk and her incense Harmonising hotel rooms. Dark-eyed blue jean angel,...

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