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1. The Blood Brothers - Camouflage, Camouflage
"Alice, where's your tongue?" she said, "look in the encyclopedia's ceaseless chatter." "Alice, where's your hair?" she said, "look in the sharp of a...

2. The Blood Brothers - Rats And Rats And Rats For Candy
Mr. Howell: The dinner was fine until she opened her mouth. Oh, Candy! Oh, Candy! Behind her teeth 15 rats started screaming and sobbing. Candy girl!...

3. The Blood Brothers - My First Kiss At The Public Execution
The carnival's glossy ghosts zebra-painted horses parade the cotton candy prostitutes caramel apple corpses singing: "Just this way to the neon...

4. The Blood Brothers - Celebrator
I just want to join the party, but the confetti falling is razor sharpened. I just want to blow out the candles, but the cake is sprinkled with...

5. The Blood Brothers - Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck
Those tire tracks zigzag your torso like a Devil's self portrait. The car accident, the skin graft treatment, the flower baskets, the wincing...

6. The Blood Brothers - Laser Life
Oh, teen machine, ima pound your flesh in a drummers sick dream. We watch, grass fall off to see the checkerd throat, inside out mouthes we've got...

7. The Blood Brothers - Spit Shine Your Black Clouds
You're walking through the forests where they feed the trees broken glass. john lennon and the rolling stones crooning in plastic bags. spit shine...

8. The Blood Brothers - Ambulance Vs. Ambulance
Ambulance X extracts several consultants from the slow gumming death at the office orifice. Ambulance Y imprisons the sigh of the recent amputee ...

9. The Blood Brothers - Teen Heat
I wanna tell you about the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. C'mon and watch him spread his legs and birth another diva. Prommageddon pit, smash hit....

10. The Blood Brothers - Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers
If the sea shakes like an empty maraca I know [x4] and she falls in love with the sounds of ships sinking? I know [x4] Which peacock is beast?...

11. The Blood Brothers - Beautiful Horses
Ride! Ride! Ride the crippled horse. Ride the broken mare. Ride the jaundice buck. Ride the dead Pegasus. You're so fucked up, you're a fucking...

12. The Blood Brothers - 1,2,3,4 Guitars
Let's sling our rain slicks over February's fantastic antlers sprouting from the foreheads of world famous romancers. the winter's looming like a...

13. The Blood Brothers - James Brown
Have you seen the man with the golden crotch?Who oiled the souls of this town of teenage girls.Have you seen the man with the flaxen...

14. The Blood Brothers - This Adultery Is Ripe
Butter. Butter and babies this shack's distinct aroma. Sugar, I'd come over but it's very hard to hump in front of your children. They're...

15. The Blood Brothers - Nausea Shreds Your Head
We live in a glamorous mansion with napalm in the walls. waterfalls fall like intestines from flying gutted gulls. we live in a glamorous mansion...

16. The Blood Brothers - Rat Rider
Those chariots, racing your run, autographing flooded slums. those chariots, they never sleep, chased you down a lilac's lung. rat rider! rat rider!...

17. The Blood Brothers - Guitarmy
Do you remember us? Do you remember us? We wrapped your corvette in cellophane, set it aflame! Do you remember us? Do you remember us? We...

18. The Blood Brothers - March On Electric Children!
Join the skin army boys! join the skin army girls! camouflage your heart in sweat and vaseline! shoot with that siamese kiss like tasteless...

19. The Blood Brothers - Mr. Electric Ocean
Mr. electric we are dying to dine in your house of mirrors... mr. electric, open your beak we want in, the city under your skin's dull glistening....

20. The Blood Brothers - Jennifer
Her heart throb heart throbs 340 beats a minute. Those slit throat confessions licked by randy flames of persuasion, the shaving of bone, the...

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