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1. Vixen - Desperate
There you go, walking away like you did before But I know, I know you'll be back, back for more And the game, the game will go on as it was ...

2. Vixen - Fallen Hero
They called him crazy on the streets, young and angry, one bad seed He wore the colors of his call, he'd be the baddest of them all Shoot out came...

3. Vixen - Bad Reputation
You're always on the edge, but you can never find a thrill Fame and fortune's left you hungry still You win young innocence with sly seduction ...

4. Vixen - Only A Heart Beat Away
The scene is set, we play the parts Boy meets girl, better shelter our hearts We trace the steps that a thousand lovers have danced before Without...

5. Vixen - Charmed Life
Got an angel on the left hand and a devil on the right She's gonna raise a little hell up in heaven tonight She likes the lightning run, but she...

6. Vixen - Barely Breathin'
I keep reading all that graffiti on your back You brush over it but the paint begins to blister and crack Well, I can see that she forgot to cross...

7. Vixen - Bleed
Why must I be like someone else? Why can't I just be myself? If I should change who would it please? Tell me the truth is this all there is ...

8. Vixen - Edge Of A Broken Heart
I can't believe I could have been so blind but love is strange I thought about it for a long long time but the truth remains I don't need another...

9. Vixen - Air Balloon
Well, he was a bore and she needed more And so she took a train to the coast of Maine And she dove right in It took a while to notice That...

10. Vixen - American Dream
One revolution turning around, grace under pressure, but don't make a sound Our house is divided, but together we stand One constitution goin'...

11. Vixen - Give It Away
I can tell your love's the kind that'll burn me alive Cause the way you dance, has set the place on fire Everybody's watching, you've got 'em...

12. Vixen - Stay
I wanna drive you home I wanna capture you the way you capture me Sometimes And I drive too fast ˜cos I might as well be dead And I wish, I...

13. Vixen - Love Made Me
LOVE MADE ME Our conversation ends too soon, you grab your coat and leave the room My heart dissolves onto the floor, our world divides, we...

14. Vixen - Not A Minute Too Soon
I was pretending it was easy alone I built a fortress to keep out the unknown Surrounded myself with walls of rejection Trapped in the dungeon...

15. Vixen - Crusin'
It was earlier tonight, You didn't wanna be alone So you put on your best jeans, You picked up your phone Then you called every club you...

16. Vixen - One Night Alone
I'll tell ya that I love you, if it makes everything alright I just wanna hold you, I've got something to prove tonight I'm tired of the...

17. Vixen - Machine
Suckin' up, suckin' up to hypocrites Sums up my days Movin' up, backin' up I'm like a monkey in a maze I think a lot but then I don't remember...

18. Vixen - It Wouldn't Be Love
It would be so easy, it would be so nice If we could solve all our problems, solve 'em overnight Everything would be so good, if everything went...

19. Vixen - Can't Control Myself
I've gotta fill this space inside my head Where the earth comes creepin' in So I'll feel no need for cleansin' Don't wanna need you running...

20. Vixen - Tangerine
Sometimes she slips into a comma Nothin' there but the whites of her eyes Sometimes she tries to brush her teeth She's busy chasing invisible...

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