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1. Much The Same - The Greatest Betrayel
I've never been that strong. I've never been the one to charge head on. I'm afraid to let this in, but I have to try before the light goes dim. Do...

2. Much The Same - Liar
I have always been so proud of my honest heart So naturally the truth flows from my mouth Of course I have lied my share of times in my life But...

3. Much The Same - Here All Along
Suddenly my defenses are down Blindsided by my own curiosity Now the enemy is attacking all around My heart is pounding through my chest And...

4. Much The Same - Father & Son
Hello, it's me, your only son Writing to you now because I haven't seen you in so long Even though we live in the same home You're the father that...

5. Much The Same - Hits Home
"She's just a friend," he said, "and that's all she'll ever be But I can't get these thoughts of her out of my head The cliche story once again,...

6. Much The Same - Crying Wolf
So I'll say it again, for what must be the thousandth time I know I've sinned against you and that's not another line You're the only one who knows...

7. Much The Same - Wrecking Ball
"Wrecking Ball" To be alone is all you've ever known; this emptiness neat doesn't affect you now On those steps I saw you, your face pressed in your...

8. Much The Same - Living A Lie
It's a shame that you think you have to live this way It's a shame that you never have known You'd travel so far and you'd have so much power If only...

9. Much The Same - Wish
Well you're in control and I know it 'cause I'm miserable again I don't understand how any of this makes me a better man You know I always run to...

10. Much The Same - Moto
It's been five years since I stopped caring what they thought of me I'm a messenger at heart, with a blatant personality So you can say I'm...

11. Much The Same - Picking Up The Shattered Pieces
The last few years I thought that things would never change All in the same moment I know it cannot stay the same As this chapter ends and a new one...

12. Much The Same - Gut Shot
These photographs that hang on my wall meant everything Looking back they all seem like a fading dream But waking now I know that it's just a fallacy...

13. Much The Same - New Years
I tore down masterfully constructed walls again I've got some rebuilding to do Brick by brick I'll try to put them each back in their place And...

14. Much The Same - Still Falling_
Thoughts get trapped inside my brain Break my ribs so I can uncage All these emotions that still dwell inside my heart 26 hours, where you...

15. Much The Same - One Of A Kind
These last few weeks there's been lots of talk about the past About the true loves we've all lost and the ones we never had Vicariously reliving...

16. Much The Same - Here I Am
Life is more uncertain now And I'm searching for tomorrow but I know My life is in your hands Had my future laid out The next few years all...

17. Much The Same - Quitters Never Win
I've waited long enough and I've been putting it all off It's time I got myself going again I've made enough excuses to last 'til the end of time ...

18. Much The Same - Conclusion
Now we'll move on with our lives and try to make this right To learn from past mistakes we made before If you want, I'll leave you be to figure out...

19. Much The Same - Take What's Yours
I've come to far to let you take this from me, and I know it's for the best, it wasn't meant to be You can talk behind my back if that's what gets...

20. Much The Same - Someday Not Soon
What happens when it all comes to an end Gone from the one your closest friend There is no doubt your love is something real Goodbyes are hard,...

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