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1. Big Wreck - Under The Lighthouse
Down here under the lighthouse Upstairs, I see for miles Keep my name under the white out Just let me miss you all the while Now, I sit here...

2. Big Wreck - Between You And I
So now sheæ?¯ on her way Home from work, alone for dinner You close the door to the microwave Underneath that phone that just wonæ?° ring ...

3. Big Wreck - Blown Wide Open
Soæ?¦ all surrounded By the things I thought Iæ?? put away Anæ?¦ all surrounded By the things I thought Iæ?? put away An?thereæ?¯ a pile...

4. Big Wreck - Defined By What We Steal
When the lights are low We notice down below How it glows brightly And all we've washed away Now comes out to play With me But this is a...

5. Big Wreck - Breakthrough
I guess it's out of respect for you That I let my words always get the best of me And it's out of respect for you I'm going to let you go I'm...

6. Big Wreck - Ladylike
So when she lays down it'll be With me Lord, she'll lay down with me And when she walks out it'll be On me Lord, she'll walk out on me When...

7. Big Wreck - Ease My Mind
There's no more to be lost that you can't find There's no right to be wrong if you ain't right And all my wishes one day will be true I don't...

8. Big Wreck - All Our Days Are Numbered
They say you'll go to hell If you get baked The things we know so well Are never faked I've walked some different lines And they're on loan ...

9. Big Wreck - All By Design
We were on our way home On the right bus I just want to ask the driver If it's not too much fuss To drop me off at the old lady's And pick me...

10. Big Wreck - Oh My
Say Iæ?¦ obssessive I donæ?° wanna hear Overly possessive Who, when and where When your arms go æ  ound another [What?] Iæ?£l turn my...

11. Big Wreck - By The Way
One two three four Sæ?·ou would be my one bad thing Never when you tried I let the fire burn out again And then inside Sæ?£et my tears...

12. Big Wreck - Overemphasizing
Thæ?©nce was a man Our age Heæ?¯ all for himself On stage It turns a page All through this time Heæ?? outgrown Cause heæ?£l go...

13. Big Wreck - No Fault
All the things I can say when I'm half asleep They always seem so real Up until morning With my defenses down it's hard to run Familiar...

14. Big Wreck - Broken Hands
When the light that shines turns bloody red It'll distort halos in my head I hate my hate Oh When the ones you love turn leave and go It'll...

15. Big Wreck - That Song
So I always get nostalgic with that song But in my room itæ?¯ forced It has to be in some car across the street And I always catch the back of...

16. Big Wreck - Mistake
When I sift and drift in bullshit That plagues from day to day Would you ever really notice that I've gone away I'm over the wall Over the...

17. Big Wreck - Everything Is Fine
So you hate me if I'm open But you love me when I'm closed I used to be outspoken Only on the phone Used to keep my letters Underneath your bed...

18. Big Wreck - The Oaf
Whoæ??ja drag around my door If I keep it cracked they wonæ?° be there no more And whoæ??ja leave along the way Leave 榹m there and...

19. Big Wreck - The Pleasure And The Greed
So I make you happy And I make you sick Forget the traffic I'm used to all of it It's no fair to say I'm only taking what I need Don't feel...

20. Big Wreck - Waste
So I knew you were fakin?About your dreams Cause when youæ?®e wakin?Everythingæ?¯ what it seems I know you got roses You wanta throw on my...

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