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1. The Echoing Green - Enter Love
"OK, roll the drums!" Every day I see you turn to Me With your repentive sighs It's not the way I called you to be It's time to see...

2. The Echoing Green - Second Chance
Let's go... When you walked away What was in your mind To turn and leave it all behind? The One True Love Was it not enough? So...

3. The Echoing Green - Accidentally 4th Street (gloria)
Well, we're looking at the cover, spending all our time Just staring at the magazine Well, look who's on the cover wasting all our time Some...

4. The Echoing Green - Prodigal
Love is a foreign word to you It's something you used to know Now you're wondering what to do As the walls come crashing down I know...

5. The Echoing Green - Science Fiction
Did I hear you laugh Or was that a scream? I don't quite think you're what you seem Is there an honest face In a hidden place waiting to...

6. The Echoing Green - Redemption
You scratch the surface I take the plunge You say it's started I say it's done Is this another mountain? Is this another wall? Is...

7. The Echoing Green - Starling
Keep your heart in my safe keeping Kiss your eyelids while you're sleeping Promise, that I'll always love you This is, all about all of you ...

8. The Echoing Green - Son in My Eyes
You felt my pain Your tears, they fell like rain From the sky and washed my life And I find no need to cry The Son is in my eyes ...

9. The Echoing Green - Noise
The path is paved With past mistakes A faceless dance On the dead in the wake My heart beats like A lonely voice My head is full of...

10. The Echoing Green - Nightfall and Splendor
Fallen beneath Your sky With nowhere else to run I've raced across my life Learning to die Trembling beneath You now I turn towards...

11. The Echoing Green - Arrival
Winter leaves are falling on your ground Shut your eyes and you can hear the sound Of Love calling out your name And every day your answer...

12. The Echoing Green - Atmosphere
Machines are racing They're ready to blow Machines that build the things that Everyone knows Put your hand in the silica sand And you'll...

13. The Echoing Green - Aurora [breath Of God Mix]
What's in your sight? Is it light, or the darkest night Swirling around your head? Are you dead?, 'cause your skin's so white And I...

14. The Echoing Green - Brand New Day
Walking on a warm, warm summer's day The sky is blue, but your heart is gray Everywhere you turn, see the bridges burn It's time for you to...

15. The Echoing Green - Anthem
Radio video always the same Bigshots putting more noise in my brain It's not real You're just a TV face in a TV place You're so proper with...

16. The Echoing Green - Ambler
Do you know where you are When you're so alone and The memories pass you by? Are you near or far From the only home that you've never know ...

17. The Echoing Green - Beautiful
She mends the daybreak She takes the heartache so far When she's laughing I can't help but hesitate I can't help gravitate to her side ...

18. The Echoing Green - Believe
There was a time when all I did was cry The fear had gripped my life And all my dreams passed by But this time I feel you close to me And...

19. The Echoing Green - Ceremony
This is why events unnerve me They find it all, a different story Notice whom for wheels are turning Turn again and turn towards this time ...

20. The Echoing Green - Answer Me
When you were a small child, Joy was in your hands There amongst the flowers, Blooming in the land A field of grace, a stream of doubts A...

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