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1. Bill Anderson - Drinking From My Saucers
I'm drinking from my saucer 'Cause my cup has overflowed You know I never did make my fortune And I guess it's a little late now. But I never did...

2. Bill Anderson - Gods Were Angry With Me
The Gods were angry with me for loving you The Gods were angry with me because they knew I stood at heaven's portal and that was too high For any...

3. Bill Anderson - Once More
(Dusty Owens) Once more to be with you dear Just for tonight to hold you tight Once more I'd give a fortune If I could see you once more. Forget...

4. Bill Anderson - 500 Miles Away From Home
I'm five hundred miles away from home Teardrops fell on mama's note when I read the things she wrote She said we miss you son we love you come on...

5. Bill Anderson - Papa
Papa was a simple man papa loved his farming land Guess I didn't understand please forgive me papa You can't paint a picture of a man like papa...

6. Bill Anderson - Abilene
(Abilene Abilene prettiest town I've ever seen Women there don't treat you mean in Abilene my Abilene) I sit alone most every night watch those...

7. Bill Anderson - Corner Of My Life
I'm not looking for a sweetheart Just a gentle lady friend Someone I can softly turn to When I need to now and then When my head gets kinda tangled...

8. Bill Anderson - On And On And On
(Bill Anderson) (On and on on and on.) All the things come to an end Yes that means we'll never love again The end of our love the end of my dreams...

9. Bill Anderson - Son Of The South
(Bill Anderson) I was born eatin’ gravy and black-eyed peas Cracklin’ bread and turnip greens Washin’ ‘em down with a big I’m a son of the...

10. Bill Anderson - Whispering Hope
Soft as the voice of an angel whispers our comforting way You know all entertainers get mail from their fans And sometimes folks even write to us for...

11. Bill Anderson - I Dreamed About Mama Last Night
I've just been to heaven with someone so true I dreamed about mama last night She read me her Bible like she used to do I dreamed about mama last...

12. Bill Anderson - Smooth Southern Highway
My roads have been rocky and the women's been rough I woke up this morning and I'd just had enough When I get to her sweet arms I won't feel...

13. Bill Anderson - 8 X 10
(Still) though you broke my heart (Still) though we're far apart (I love you still) (Still) after all this time (Still) you're still on my mind...

14. Bill Anderson - Molly
The war began and Henry left his farm Left his darling Molly with a baby in her arms Now the war was over and their life could begin Molly saw...

15. Bill Anderson - The Farmer And The Lord
I was resting one evening By the side of the road When I saw an old farmer In a field he had just hoed. His face was brown and all wrinkled By the...

16. Bill Anderson - Green Green
(Green green it's green they say on the fireside of the hill Green green I'm going away to where the grass is greener still) Well I told my mama...

17. Bill Anderson - Footprints In The Sand
Over all my burdens and through all my fears Jesus carries me Through all my trials and through all my tears Jesus carries me. One night a man had a...

18. Bill Anderson - Apologize
In the fury of the moment when the words of rath rang out When my mind was filled with questions and my head was filled with doubt I can still see...

19. Bill Anderson - Ol' Doc Brown
He was just and old country doctor in a small Georgia town Fame and fortune had passed him by but we never saw him frown As day by day in his...

20. Bill Anderson - In The Misty Moonlight
In the misty moonlight by the flickering firelight Anyplace is all right long as I'm with you In a faraway land by the trophic sea sand if your...

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