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1. Letters To Cleo - C'mon
We can talk we can talk about it Then If I'm wrong if I'm wrong If I'll take the blame We can talk And as the hours slip away As my own I can call...

2. Letters To Cleo - Sunshine On My Window
Sunshine, On the window, Makes me happy, Like I should be Outside, All around me, Really sleazy, Then it hits me Don't tell me, You can...

3. Letters To Cleo - Anchor
The anchor is a kickstand so you´re going down with me to the wrong side of the quicksand and our flashlight destiny you can be the walker cuz...

4. Letters To Cleo - Boy
You boy aint nothing but trouble the kind i aint seen in awhile and i gotta get me out of here dont go and ask crazy questions like i maybe...

5. Letters To Cleo - Big Star
There it goes again, got a little habit. Stay away from him. Clinging, gnawing things tucked away like secrets. Stay away from him. It comes and...

6. Letters To Cleo - Co-pilot
Everybody says that you're no good I don't pay attention though It doesn't matter though I know it should I don't pay attention So what's the...

7. Letters To Cleo - Laudanum
It's getting harder to believe I've gotta go, but I don't want to leave. You've got your mortality on your sleeve. And if I'm something you've...

8. Letters To Cleo - Step Back
Appear and fade away, so far so good and I'll tell you the story this time. Plan too far ahead, it's the same old thing. Finally kicking it out...

9. Letters To Cleo - Because Of You
I can stand here and do this again I can say it but where to begin I know that I'm caving in Cause I'm heavy, I'm heavy. So the wonder of you...

10. Letters To Cleo - Awake
I guess it's been awhile and a long time too. Everything's still the same and so are you. It's only in this light that I could see what you'd be...

11. Letters To Cleo - Come Around
Don't feel small when I'm looking down. Don't get too high if I'm looking up at you. And if the answer looks at me I'll still say I don't know it,...

12. Letters To Cleo - Clear Blue Water
Cast out on clear blue water Saw nothing out there at all at all Picture a scene across to the other side Saw nothing out there at all Pack up...

13. Letters To Cleo - St. Peter
I know what you did.  And now he's waiting.  He knows what you did too.  You're not what you say you are.  If you were why was you head...

14. Letters To Cleo - Acid Jed
(1, 2, 3 go) So the sky is crumbling. I am not afraid 'cause you see this too. So my hands are shaking. I am not afraid 'cause you've got it bad....

15. Letters To Cleo - Alouette & Me
So you'd trade me in for them when they're so mean i wouldn't do that if i were you why would you say all those love things when you knew you'd...

16. Letters To Cleo - Girls Rule Boys Drool
Boys, always b-b-bouncing off the wall. Yeah, boys! Mouth real big and brain too small. Boys try not to cry when they fall. B-b-b-boys, they've...

17. Letters To Cleo - You Dirty Rat
You never write You never call You just stand around and smile so happily The government could never do as worser things as you have done to me ...

18. Letters To Cleo - Lets Get High
Lets do something good tonight why don't we just stay home all quiet and nice forget about the movie forget about the night life lets get high ...

19. Letters To Cleo - Go!
Say it's a good clip is a real good way to go real fast say it i'm on track and i'm built for speed pull up the back on your mark ready set go ...

20. Letters To Cleo - Come On
You can talk You can talk about it yeah...... If I'm wrong If I'm wrong I'll take the blame You can talk And as the hours slip away As my own...

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