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1. Playradioplay - Bad Cops And Charities
I saw a sign by a payphone It said get in line so I did The nice cars they drive by fast Sucking up many gallons of gas I wish I had a few I wish I...

2. Playradioplay - Decipher Reflections From Reality
My parachute didnt open, and when my back up failed, the pixie dust prevailed, and I woke up next to you. All I wanted was to hold you. I was born...

3. Playradioplay - We've Been Searching The Sky For Answers
If you pick up the pieces I’ll put them together Only time can be the glue Only time will let them dry Only you and me inside my head Time and...

4. Playradioplay - Compliment Eachother Like Colors
If we try hard enough I'm sure we could forget it Cause this black-hearted wedding's enough to start a panic We were clean for three days when you...

5. Playradioplay - 1-2-3-entertain
And I know Standing again on my own two feet This striking resemblance is hard to beat On the cover of 17 Everything you ever wanted to be And we...

6. Playradioplay - Abe Lincoln’s Oldschool Alibi
If there was anything at all That could rid you of your conference calls Then I know I’d come rolling by To break the surface tension in your eyes ...

7. Playradioplay - I'm Guessing There's A Pill For That
Sing songs won’t you sing along into the back room A thought alone in this world is just like me to disagree Ever wonder why the animals so...

8. Playradioplay - Symmetry
When you're ready please take it steady i know your eyes are heavy and our palms are sweaty and when the clock strikes nine i'll be on my way forgot...

9. Playradioplay - Penelope Cover
Oh Penelope Are you filled with air Swallowed oxygen That makes you float up? Is it Dropsy? Will your lungs swell? It’s depressing me To see you...

10. Playradioplay - Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous
17 and running up the stairs my baby bear 7 lonely hours that I’ve been without a shower Until You and I meet in the bathroom with the water on...

11. Playradioplay - Easy To The Slaughter
Whats the price we pay to feel Up and down on the ferris wheel Just like fluctuations Of self mutilation And whats the cycle we wish we’d pay For...

12. Playradioplay - Introduce Facts For The Sake Of Fiction
So put it in my backpack dear We could pretend we’re constellations Living forever but always changing We are just little blips Thinking we’re...

13. Playradioplay - Oh, Happy Neighbor!
These walls have eyes and ears and souls Every last inch for your disposal Did you ever think That we'd run It was the timing the timing so We see...

14. Playradioplay - Same Outfit
I dream a little bit about the chance of seeing you, And out the window there’s a full moon staring at me. Inside My room Your not Here to Check...

15. Playradioplay - Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion
And all those stupid things we buy Each other when it’s cold outside A little warmer and we turn to God to make it cold once more But all those...

16. Playradioplay - The Great Baltimore Fire Of 1904
Doo Doo we’ve been stocking up on supplies La La that we probably won’t need soon Until the avian flu Comes out of Asia and into your lungs Time...

17. Playradioplay - At This Particular Moment In Time
From up High you look so lonely and When I talk to you alone you'll think That guy he's the pick of the crop And when you think about me, your hear...

18. Playradioplay - Jello
Tomorrow as I wake up at 12 P.M. At that moment I'll enable my brainstem I'll look down at my phone to check if you have called In my absence from...

19. Playradioplay - Confines
If I exhale I think of questions to ask myself What’s your plan? Do you think your men Has just swallowed whole amount of gas to your head yet? I...

20. Playradioplay - Madi Don't Leave
It takes a lot to phase me I'm pretty stable, I'm pretty sane. But I'm looking at my future, and God do I have to lose her? We shared conversations...

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