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1. Goldenhorse - Cowgirl Lament
My love he left town with a smile on his face Now we can't gp back, can't replace what is lost And I'm sorry for the wailing tears I cry But I'm...

2. Goldenhorse - Out Of The Moon
Out of the moon you come You will desert me but at first we're one I ride beside you through the armies of the sun What is it you are, are you a...

3. Goldenhorse - Four Minute Drive
Four minute drive is all we had that day Run out of time like any other Stupid arrived, his face all hung that way Been talking to mum, she doesn't...

4. Goldenhorse - Cold Mountainside
One day when I have gone from the cold mountainside There will still be the light Tiger's eyes Wildberry pies Moonlit yellow nights One day when you...

5. Goldenhorse - Golden Dawn
Baby you know you're so kind Oh you cover my back in sweet little kisses When I lie awake I'm sure you kiss me softly and you tell me Tell me we'll...

6. Goldenhorse - Run Run Run
You call me and I run, run, run right to your heart You come near and I run, run, run right to your heart Like the boy before you Hears the world...

7. Goldenhorse - Fish
Can I know About the sea you live in Morning comes You float up through the water Like some fish Or skate among the rockpools Winter or summer You...

8. Goldenhorse - Northern Lights
Stones like these are just like fuel underground You stop my feet from floating up when I come down I go up and watch the world spinning round But I...

9. Goldenhorse - Don't Wake Me Up
I'm, I'm filling up this room With what I have for you We're taking up this town And love lies down like a fool Gets walked on by the crowd...

10. Goldenhorse - Trinkity Trunk
Last night I walked out on the moors The sun hits your cold face, stone door You came, you stay, dropped by, new day Words were, words weren't all I...

11. Goldenhorse - Riverhead
When I was in Riverhead When I was in Riverhead I wanted to tell you that I was dead My hands were cold and my lips were bled When I was in...

12. Goldenhorse - Emptied Out
After the flood, after the storm After the rains come through my door After tonight the sun will shine After the night time I'm back for more ...

13. Goldenhorse - Shrinking Her Legs
Times like these, look above your head Times like these, there's an imposter under your bed In the dark, think about your lovers In the dark, count...

14. Goldenhorse - Cool Pants
Hey he looks good and he looks fine And in his step and stare well hes got the time And he sits up there way far from view But you can count on it...

15. Goldenhorse - Used To Think
I used to think That you were cool That you belonged Close to me But wheres your head Who is that girl She is so cheap Well done baby You'll never...

16. Goldenhorse - Spice Islands
Tomorrow late I'll buy the Indian lovers' spice From the Spice Islands From the Spice Islands Tomorrow late I'll find the beautiful violet light In...

17. Goldenhorse - Baby's Been Bad
Baby's been bad and I'm blue I'm blue Thinking I'm in love again with you oh boy Running back to catch the bus Stopping time to keep the sun still...

18. Goldenhorse - Dark Forest
Dark, dark forest No way through Where am I? Where are you? Underground the roots are your hair And the leaves, leaves are your hair Behind the...

19. Goldenhorse - Maybe Tomorrow
There's a story I know We all leave and let go There is nothing to hold us In a moment of time When the fruit becomes wine And the thought becomes...

20. Goldenhorse - American Wife
I'm your American Wife today I'm your American Wife Baking a tasty delightful loaf Collecting and taking the children home Sit on the sofa and turn...

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