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1. Laura Veirs - Black-eyed Susan
Twenty days walking so lonely and talking to myself and the rocks And sand got me to thinking 'bout going and drinking in a tavern with a...

2. Laura Veirs - Pink Light
Sorry I was cruel, I was protecting myself Drifting along with my swords out flying Tattering my own cells and I tattered yours, too Took you and...

3. Laura Veirs - Blue Ink
I'm falling off the barstool mama in this old ghost town saloon Where sunlight moves like sadness across the room Oh my sweet mama if you could...

4. Laura Veirs - Icebound Stream
Watch, i can flash across the sky A lightning bolt from up on high And i can crash into myself Now a flower blooms in reverse And a song takes...

5. Laura Veirs - Lonely Angel Dust
The rose is not afraid to blossom Though it knows its pedals must fall And with its pedals fall seeds into soil Why toil to contain it all? ...

6. Laura Veirs - John Henry Lives
Hear the whistle blow far off in the still night without stars see the tracks laid flat With a hammer's might they're the spike driver's scars...

7. Laura Veirs - Chimney Sweeping Man
I'm a chimney sweeping man You see the black lines On the backs of my hands I planted all the gardens I sent off all the hand-typed letters ...

8. Laura Veirs - Ether Sings
My wooden vibrating mouth Sing me your lover's song Come with me we'll head up north Where the rivers run icy and strong The empty theater is...

9. Laura Veirs - Wind Is Blowing Stars
Clear as ice, oh clear as ice Dripping down from a rock Spring will come and so will fall All my enemies have finally fled They've finally fled...

10. Laura Veirs - Bedroom Eyes
Been traveling all too long this bear-cat trail But the love in me's grown stronger than this steel rail That I ride back to your bedroom eyes ...

11. Laura Veirs - Jailhouse Fire
Did you see that lady there they stripped her to her underwear She took it one step further and stripped to bare through the rising flames And...

12. Laura Veirs - Devil's Hootenanny
I was walking through the snow When I saw a distant glow Of a farmhouse nestled down beneath the trees With a guitar on my back I thought it sure...

13. Laura Veirs - Shadow Blues
There's a shadow beneath the sea There's a shadow between you and me I've learned that love is scared of light Thousand seeds from a flower ...

14. Laura Veirs - Montague Road
The yellow wind sends brambles through the dustThe tractor wheels won't turn for all the rust the corn has diedAnd dried upon the stalk her...

15. Laura Veirs - Through December
Birds were falling from the sky all leaves had turned to brown The heartless cold froze everything and took my poor red down Poor old red she's...

16. Laura Veirs - Midnight Singer
Oh midnight singer Outside my window Oh how your songs Come in strange and low And in my bed I lay silent Hoping you'd stay Hoping you'd...

17. Laura Veirs - Riptide
Riptide pulls me out into the open sea My toes dangle for a place to stand and be Oh starry night come and chart a course Or send me a boat with...

18. Laura Veirs - Raven Marching Band
The sky's a raven marching band black blizzard blowing across the land Come darling take my hand i'm whiskey poured into the sand Star...

19. Laura Veirs - Song My Friends Taught Me
Struggling like a fly against the glass It's not clear why I can't blast Straight through Behind all the brightest smiles Twist the...

20. Laura Veirs - The Cloud Room
Music in the air Plucked from the centuries Presented in the form Of a song by you to me Seagull in the air Floating on the updraft See me...

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