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1. Bad Religion - The Voracious March Of Godliness
Since the start of the 17th century There's been the scent of unseasoned wood burning in the air And the conquest of nature meant nothing at all...

2. Bad Religion - Generator
Like a rock, like a planet, Like a fucking atom bomb, I'll remain unperturbed by the joy and the madness that i encounter everywhere I turn I've seen...

3. Bad Religion - Superman
Hey, do what you want but don't do it around me Idleness and dissipation breed apathy I'll sit on my ass all goddamn day A misanthropic...

4. Bad Religion - Slaves
Don't try to say that I threaten your freedom We've done without for 20 years, so think if we really need 'em We're all just slaves for the troop...

5. Bad Religion - Politics
Economy, technology, doesn't really work. Can't try running for government, I'm not a jerk! I've tried to see these faces all around the way You're...

6. Bad Religion - New Dark Ages
Yeah can you hear the call in our rambling land susurrations, That can expand beyond all hope of light and plunge us into unrelenting night A...

7. Bad Religion - Sensory Overload
They're all just suicides, in a social way. I'll never need that dormant time, I'll tell you why. 'Cause I think about it all the time, I think about...

8. Bad Religion - Voice Of God Is Government
Neighbors, no one loves you like he loves you, And no one cares like he cares. Neighbors, let us join today in the holy love of God and money,...

9. Bad Religion - Oligarchy
Presidential election every four years But neither man we can see or hear Urgent cries for society But he can't see the blood on me Do you see? Do...

10. Bad Religion - Doin' Time
See the fight, old men crying, deny their ruin. Watch them try. The cynic laughs at the optimist's closed eyes. Darkness falls, curtain calls, the...

11. Bad Religion - Eat Your Dog
Weak and sick, dying in the sand, no such thing as a promised land. Don't lose faith in a better life--reincarnation, poor excuse. You're dying you...

12. Bad Religion - World War Iii
US government drew up plans Too much money, got the cash Break out ? staff ? is a fuckin' mess They think they know it all. They're gonna die in the...

13. Bad Religion - Drastic Actions
Heard a word, suicide, Not from one, but from thousands that tried. The lawyer's wife and the teenage brat, One thing in common, they all wanted out....

14. Bad Religion - Inner Logic
Automatons with business suits clinging black boxes, sequestering the blueprints of daily life contented, free of care, they rejoice in morning...

15. Bad Religion - Kyoto Now!
It's a matter of prescience No, not the science fiction kind It's all about ignorance, and greed, and miracles for the blind the media parading,...

16. Bad Religion - Yesterday
Run, but don't be scared to look behind. Stop, don't wait too long, make up your mind. The end is almost here, The sky, the air, so nice and clear, ...

17. Bad Religion - Drunk Sincerity
The smell of virgin pages wafted through the swinging doors and the croaking speech he'd heard from countries counselors before they said "we all...

18. Bad Religion - The Defense
Nothing comes easier than madness in the world today Mass paranoia is a mode not a melody Yeah I'd like to watch all thousand cable channels but...

19. Bad Religion - No Substance
History doesn't make something right Consensus is not a fact-based exercise You're tied and bound to this selfindulgent enterprise... We call America...

20. Bad Religion - Atomic Garden
Everybody wants to dance in a playpen But nobody wants to play in my garden I see the hippies on an angry line Guess they don't get my meaning I'm...

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