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1. Deftones - Be Quiet & Drive
This town don't feel mine I'm fast to get away Far I dressed you in her clothes So drive me far away It feels good to know you're all mine Now...

2. Deftones - Anthonys Diddy
Well fuck this world i new you first fuck the place where we metn and all thelove we lostlost for good now peace is fuckedloose i...

3. Deftones - Battleaxe
I want to sleep if you are awake Still making believe that you aren't at all crazy And if you don't believe I think you should You make me so...

4. Deftones - Hole In The Earth
Can you explain to me how Your so able (how?) It's too late for me now There's a hole in the earth (a hole in earth) There's a hole in the earth (a...

5. Deftones - Anniversary Of An Uninteresting
No more gold lights for the queen earth to keep you warm in your kingdomsHigh on the waves you make for usBut not since you left have the...

6. Deftones - Rats! Rats! Rats!
This sun! this sun! is this safe to say!? This sun! inside yours now Is this the sun!? This sun! is this it! Is this the sun!? This sun! Really?...

7. Deftones - Cherry Waves
A sea of waves We hug the same plank Just as I rehearsed over an hour break The waves suck you in, and you drown If you'd just stay down with me...

8. Deftones - Boys Republic
Lue star shine your light down on everyone cause i don't care their soothing me yes tear lung blue star shine your light down pierce for my...

9. Deftones - The Earth
The earth Will save our arms Well blink tonight The earth will rot away Well blink tonight I really wish these snakes were your arm I...I really...

10. Deftones - Mein
I've looked outside But I've never wandered out I'd like to pull you into me Intercept you, in between but I will never walk without, outside ...

11. Deftones - Riviere
She haunts the roads, she waits for a new face The arms red and injured she wants to rise she cant till we have faced I'll cut your armies down, and...

12. Deftones - Sinatra By Deftones
I can't move her... Obsessed with protection This is a bad idea She needs affection What, me?! Drive around town forced to talk Pass that...

13. Deftones - Crenshaw's Punch
The bye byes, die I swear to god It'll be done right! Oh, God (3x) You come and cry! I don't really care nowhere I wish I'd be nice to you ...

14. Deftones - The Boy's Republic
Lue star shine your light down on everyone cause i don't care their soothing me yes tear lung blue star shine your light down pierce for my...

15. Deftones - God's Hands
Hey yall I'm marryin' that girl With the pain and don't lie Liquify your meaning, but wont Tell her you miss her, she's with me 'Cause I'm done...

16. Deftones - Can't Even Breathe
I can't breathe and arrive wiv style i'm still a sucker feeding it pills wiv wine, it's tricky how i'm pushin u bk but still u ain't gone ...

17. Deftones - Xerces
Universe surrounds, When your ready It waits for us to leave this earth Come on, Their calling the name out I dont know I could stay or leave Either...

18. Deftones - Feiticeira
Fuck I'm drunk, but I'm off my knees The police stopped chasing me, i'm her new cool meat She pops the trunk, and she removes me the machine...

19. Deftones - Pain
PAIN (Max Cavalera) Speak up - you know what is up Code of silence? Who set you up!? Some shit so wrong in this world All fucked up now...

20. Deftones - Sabotage
Well, once at liberty lunch in austin, texas... I heard chino say: -- listen all of y'all it's a sabotage -- I can't stand it I know you planned...

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