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1. Dj Quik - Fandango (feat. B-real)
[10 second instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] You might find me in the Century Club Fresh kicks, fresh cut, pocket full of dubs Box of Altoids for my...

2. Dj Quik - Ladies & Thugs (feat. Wyclef Jean)
[18 seconds of non-lyrics to open] [Wyclef] Let's go Quik [DJ Quik] I wanna, punch them niggaz sayin gold don't rock And I wanna, rape that bitch...

3. Dj Quik - Jet Set (feat. Tai Elton Phillips)
[9 seconds of instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] A soft beat got me hard as the street Pop yo' ass in the teeth, leave your head in the seat I moved...

4. Dj Quik - 50 Ways
F/ Wanya Morris [DJ Quik] Why you keep givin me cards I can't keep? I throw these two back, you throw me two more, they're so cheap I...

5. Dj Quik - Oh Well
F/ Will Hudspeth * send corrections to the typist [DJ Quik] It's all I fucking here "Stay positive, stay humble, stay the way you are" ...

6. Dj Quik - No Bullshit
F/ 2nd II None [2nd II None] All the way from the hood One chocolate nigga up to no good Yo I gotta watch my back, cause it's like that Too...

7. Dj Quik - California (feat. Amg)
[10 seconds of instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] Yeah.. I wanna take this time to dedicate this song to my city To my county - fuck it the whole state...

8. Dj Quik - U Ain't Fresh
F/ Erick Sermon, Kam) (Verse 1 - DJ Quik) I know you like to do ecstacy, and then forget where you are Be up in a room with a stripper, and your...

9. Dj Quik - Quikstremental (quik's Groove 7) (feat. Jodeci)
[DJ Quik] It's so big, Quik's Groove 7 Jodeci, yes! [Jodeci] I'm tell you one thing (just one thing, come over here) Mmm yeah (that's right) that's...

10. Dj Quik - Intro For Roger
[22 second instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] Cause stuff I seen it was inevitable I'd be a business man I knew that I would get some assistance...

11. Dj Quik - Come 2nyte
F/ Truth Hurts * send corrections to the typist [DJ Quik] Alright look Turn them cell phones off, turn that camera off As a matter of fact...

12. Dj Quik - Way 2 Fonky
[DJ Quik] Oh yes I'm new and improved, and to a funky-ass groove My name is Quik and I'm smooth, and I'm makin yo' ugly bitch move With the...

13. Dj Quik - Indiscretions In The Back Of The Limo (feat. T.i.)
[Intro] Yo, yo, yo, yo Ay, ay, ay, ay, c'mon Yo, yo, yo, yo, yeah-yeah-ye-yo, uh ay Yo, ay, ay, ay, ay, c'mon Ay look shorty tell your homegirl put...

14. Dj Quik - Till Jesus Comes
[12 second intro to start] [DJ Quik] I grew up with haters right under the same roof Ain't never no food, but the whiskey is 80 proof Niggaz is...

15. Dj Quik - Somethin' 4 Tha Mood
[DJ Quik] This one goes out to my niggas Cus we be havin to deal with these punk ass bitches Check this out Hey bitch you remember me It's...

16. Dj Quik - Pacific Coast Remix (feat. Kimmi J, Ludacris)
[Quik] Gotta keep it a secret (woo!) [Luda] Ay man let me ask you somethin man [Luda] You ever have one of them days where you felt like [Luda] you...

17. Dj Quik - Get Up (feat. Amg, The Game)
[9 second intro to start] [DJ Quik] I'm gettin my kicks dirty, I'm blowin my mid-30's Niggaz they want me buried but, I'm in no hurry Bullets flyin...

18. Dj Quik - Tha Ho In You
F/ 2nd Ii None, Hi-C, 2nd II None, [Johnny Ray] Ha ha ha.. Yeah! Welcome to Club Hub City I'm your host, Johnny Ray, what you say, what you...

19. Dj Quik - It's Like Everyday
DJ Quik - Can't Fuck Wit a Nigga Yeah motherfuckers Right back on your ass Right about now we about to let you know that Compton's in the...

20. Dj Quik - Speed
(Dj Quik talking) Ha ha nothin but the best from the best You feel me? hear me This is dedicated to that special someone You know who you...

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