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1. Dj Quik - Fandango (feat. B-real)
[10 second instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] You might find me in the Century Club Fresh kicks, fresh cut, pocket full of dubs Box of Altoids for my...

2. Dj Quik - Ladies & Thugs (feat. Wyclef Jean)
[18 seconds of non-lyrics to open] [Wyclef] Let's go Quik [DJ Quik] I wanna, punch them niggaz sayin gold don't rock And I wanna, rape that bitch...

3. Dj Quik - Jet Set (feat. Tai Elton Phillips)
[9 seconds of instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] A soft beat got me hard as the street Pop yo' ass in the teeth, leave your head in the seat I moved...

4. Dj Quik - 50 Ways
F/ Wanya Morris [DJ Quik] Why you keep givin me cards I can't keep? I throw these two back, you throw me two more, they're so cheap I...

5. Dj Quik - No Bullshit
F/ 2nd II None [2nd II None] All the way from the hood One chocolate nigga up to no good Yo I gotta watch my back, cause it's like that Too...

6. Dj Quik - Oh Well
F/ Will Hudspeth * send corrections to the typist [DJ Quik] It's all I fucking here "Stay positive, stay humble, stay the way you are" ...

7. Dj Quik - U Ain't Fresh
F/ Erick Sermon, Kam) (Verse 1 - DJ Quik) I know you like to do ecstacy, and then forget where you are Be up in a room with a stripper, and your...

8. Dj Quik - California (feat. Amg)
[10 seconds of instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] Yeah.. I wanna take this time to dedicate this song to my city To my county - fuck it the whole state...

9. Dj Quik - Quikstremental (quik's Groove 7) (feat. Jodeci)
[DJ Quik] It's so big, Quik's Groove 7 Jodeci, yes! [Jodeci] I'm tell you one thing (just one thing, come over here) Mmm yeah (that's right) that's...

10. Dj Quik - Intro For Roger
[22 second instrumental to open] [DJ Quik] Cause stuff I seen it was inevitable I'd be a business man I knew that I would get some assistance...

11. Dj Quik - Way 2 Fonky
[DJ Quik] Oh yes I'm new and improved, and to a funky-ass groove My name is Quik and I'm smooth, and I'm makin yo' ugly bitch move With the...

12. Dj Quik - Till Jesus Comes
[12 second intro to start] [DJ Quik] I grew up with haters right under the same roof Ain't never no food, but the whiskey is 80 proof Niggaz is...

13. Dj Quik - Come 2nyte
F/ Truth Hurts * send corrections to the typist [DJ Quik] Alright look Turn them cell phones off, turn that camera off As a matter of fact...

14. Dj Quik - Pacific Coast Remix (feat. Kimmi J, Ludacris)
[Quik] Gotta keep it a secret (woo!) [Luda] Ay man let me ask you somethin man [Luda] You ever have one of them days where you felt like [Luda] you...

15. Dj Quik - Indiscretions In The Back Of The Limo (feat. T.i.)
[Intro] Yo, yo, yo, yo Ay, ay, ay, ay, c'mon Yo, yo, yo, yo, yeah-yeah-ye-yo, uh ay Yo, ay, ay, ay, ay, c'mon Ay look shorty tell your homegirl put...

16. Dj Quik - Get Up (feat. Amg, The Game)
[9 second intro to start] [DJ Quik] I'm gettin my kicks dirty, I'm blowin my mid-30's Niggaz they want me buried but, I'm in no hurry Bullets flyin...

17. Dj Quik - Speed
(Dj Quik talking) Ha ha nothin but the best from the best You feel me? hear me This is dedicated to that special someone You know who you...

18. Dj Quik - It's Like Everyday
DJ Quik - Can't Fuck Wit a Nigga Yeah motherfuckers Right back on your ass Right about now we about to let you know that Compton's in the...

19. Dj Quik - Tha Ho In You
F/ 2nd Ii None, Hi-C, 2nd II None, [Johnny Ray] Ha ha ha.. Yeah! Welcome to Club Hub City I'm your host, Johnny Ray, what you say, what you...

20. Dj Quik - Somethin' 4 Tha Mood
[DJ Quik] This one goes out to my niggas Cus we be havin to deal with these punk ass bitches Check this out Hey bitch you remember me It's...

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