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1. Buddy Holly - Midnight Shift
If you see old Annie better give her a lift cause Annie's been a-workin on a midnight shift If Annie puts her hair up on her head paints...

2. Buddy Holly - Shake, Rattle & Roll
(Calhoun) Well get out of that bed, wash your face and hands Get out of that bed, wash your face and hands Well get in that kitchen Make some noise...

3. Buddy Holly - Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Crying, waiting, hoping, that you'll come back I just can't seem to get you off my mind Crying, waiting, hoping, that you'll come back You're...

4. Buddy Holly - Blue Suede Shoes
Blue days, black nights, blue tears keep on falling for you dear,now you're gone.blue days, black nights, my heart keeps on calling for you dearand...

5. Buddy Holly - Because I Love You
'Tis love which makes the elephant forget 'Tis love which makes the elephant forget Weary with toil, my soul seeks sweet repose Yet far from...

6. Buddy Holly - Memories
(Montgomery) You've left me alone with memories I tried to endure you in this cheating I loved you with my heart's every beating Now my hopes are...

7. Buddy Holly - Blue Days (a.k.a. Blue Days, Black Nights)
Blue days - black nights blue tears keep on fallin' - for you dear now you're gone blue days - black nights my heart keeps on calling for...

8. Buddy Holly - Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Arrested on charges of unemployment he was sitting in the witness stand the judge's wife called up the district attorney said free that brown...

9. Buddy Holly - Come Back Baby
Come back baby - baby won't you come back come back baby to me now I know why all sad hearts cry baby baby come to me Ah well I cried all...

10. Buddy Holly - Changing All Those Changes
I should have reconsidered all those things I said I'd do so now I'm changing all those changes that I made when I left you Sweetheart I'm...

11. Buddy Holly - Wishing
Wishing - that I could see you every day wishing - that I could steal your heart away Dreaming - of the time I can hold you tight wishing -...

12. Buddy Holly - Well Alright
Well alright so I'm being foolish Well alright let people know About the dreams and wishes you wish And the night when lights are low Well...

13. Buddy Holly - Listen To Me
Listen To Me and hold me tight And you will see our love so right Hold me darling Listen closely to me Your eyes will see what love can do ...

14. Buddy Holly - I Wanna Play House With You
Baby baby baby baby baby come back baby I wanna play house with you You may go to college you may go to school you may have a pink...

15. Buddy Holly - That Makes It Tough
That makes it tough - wo, so tough when you tell me - -you don't love me that makes it tough - oh, so tough wo wo wo when you say you don't...

16. Buddy Holly - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
There you go and baby here am I well you left me here so I could sit and cry golly gee, what have you done to me well, I guess it doesn't...

17. Buddy Holly - Learning The Game
Hearts that are broken & love that's untrue these go with learning the game When you love her & she doesn't love you you're only...

18. Buddy Holly - I'm Changing All Those Changes
I should have reconsidered all those things I said I'd do so now I'm changing all those changes that I made when I left you Sweetheart I'm...

19. Buddy Holly - Rip It Up
Artist: Buddy Holly Title: Rip it up ' cause it's saturday nite and I just got paid Fool about my money don't try to save My heart says go, go Have...

20. Buddy Holly - Take Your Time
Take Your Time, I can wait For all the love I know will be mine If you Take Your Time Take Your Time, though its late Heart strings will sing...

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