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1. Raunchy - Twelve Feet Tall
Avoiding the bypass Feeling at least Silence, overrated Our time, we made it Missing hours alone Lack of inspiration No time left for consideration ...

2. Raunchy - Bleeding
They want you so very bad, it's glooming for miles And the boys are talking about it all the while And down like from totally far down they see you...

3. Raunchy - Out Of Sight
And after tourniquet fights on my veins Then I'll begin again Rhythms are burned from the glare From the wing on a plane So without thinking I...

4. Raunchy - Join The Scene
50 fags, Jim Beam, two wizards and me sitting in the street A beat up bird with dragon blood sees me and joins the scene So many pretty girls all...

5. Raunchy - Crack Of Dawn
Explosions in my thoughts keep going on and on It's keeping me awake till the crack of dawn I'm so paranoid I hope nobody is ever gonna see me like...

6. Raunchy - Drive
I can't smell this I can't feel this I can't eat this even touch this I can't smoke this so face this I can't play this I want you to take it away...

7. Raunchy - This Is Not An Exit
Emptiness hold my hand and join me here tonight Let me be your friend Let's look at girls in fights Let's get drunk we've got nothing to lose tonight...

8. Raunchy - Never Be
What if I tried to forget all about you Pretend that you and I never was and never would be WHY (when I tried it never made a difference) WHY (why...

9. Raunchy - From Out Of Nowhere
Tossed into my mind, stirring the calm You splash me with beauty and pull me down Cause you come from out of nowhere My glance turns to a stare...

10. Raunchy - Tonight
There is somebody I meet when I'm drunk Someone looking better than me She don't sweat like little pink pigs Don't smell like the sweat on my cheeks ...

11. Raunchy - The Devil
In the light of my darkness I took the devil off my train He laughed and got back in the game He started messing with my head And threw a pretty...

12. Raunchy - Show Me Your Real Darkness
12 years of thunder and storm Turned me into what I was meant to become I'm not a liar though I do you wrong I just need fire to remain strong Show...

13. Raunchy - Watch Out
Watch out, see us coming Don't think about running Speak up, stop playing Who cares what you're saying? How does it feel to be floating away? The...

14. Raunchy - Morning Rise And A Friday Night
Take it easy, you know what'll tease me And keep it sunshine Though your life is cheesy You intimidate me and I'm on phantom ice This ain't as it...

15. Raunchy - Summer Of Overload
We're approaching Showtime You put down your closing punch line There's no doubt about it Push push push till the daddy takes the T-bird away Well...

16. Raunchy - Leech
I tried just to avoid you I was never able to Cause you were always around Anywhere you could appear You spoiled it all for me Nobody else could see...

17. Raunchy - Bleeding #2
Piercing through flesh Cutting bones so don't test You're so fed up because you think you know what's best You didn't quite get there, something like...

18. Raunchy - Confusion Bay
Here we are we are big cigars today What can I say? We're goin fast in our cars astray Off to confusion bay Light me up please Take a big whiff Can...

19. Raunchy - My Game
The noise pumping through your insides Makes you wanna scream in pain Visions get incomprehensible You loose the touch with your brain As the blood...

20. Raunchy - 9-5
Working 9-5 half a life made you sick You might as well suck dicks Shake the hand of the man who forced you in split Think about the choices you pick...

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