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1. 5 Chinese Brothers - Headlong To The Truth (the Avalanche Song)
(Tom Meltzer) Sometimes you only have to move one rock For an avalanche to start Sometimes it only takes one smile To get inside and mess...

2. 5 Chinese Brothers - Big Boots
(Stephen B. Antonakos) The alarm clock crowed an hour ago I'm already running behind If this one-eyed Ford doesn't start I'm never going to...

3. 5 Chinese Brothers - Baltimore
Tom Meltzer Once we won the Series, took it going away Once we sat on top of the NFL and the NBA But all that's over now, time went and...

4. 5 Chinese Brothers - All I Need
Once we won the Series, took it going away Once we sat on top of the NFL and the NBA But all that's over now, time went and slammed the door ...

5. 5 Chinese Brothers - Amazing Dolores
(Paul Foglino) for Amazing Dolores Amazing Dolores saw an angel in the trailer park She talked to him like he was really there Amazing...

6. 5 Chinese Brothers - Claudine
Paul Foglino I can see you through the window By the glow from those party lights But that glow just don't compare With those tears shining...

7. 5 Chinese Brothers - A Lot Of Nights
(Paul Foglino) There will always be someone to tell you what to do And there will be someone to see you try and laugh at you Now I'm too dumb...

8. 5 Chinese Brothers - Faith In Something Bigger
(Tom Meltzer) Some days you wake up thinking that the end could be in sight Well you know it might Some days you think you could be someone...

9. 5 Chinese Brothers - I Can See
(Paul Foglino) I used to live in the dark I thought I didn't mind I could find my way around Cause I got used to being blind I didn't...

10. 5 Chinese Brothers - Blue Boy
(Tom Meltzer) Blue Boy, he's a travel agent Ain't nothing illegal about his work Police detective, he's getting impatient Says "I'm going to...

11. 5 Chinese Brothers - Like A Mole In The Ground
(Tom Meltzer) based on Bascom Lunsford's "Mole in the Ground" I wish that I was a mole in the ground Like a mole in the ground, I would...

12. 5 Chinese Brothers - Alone Together
Paul Foglino Are you lonely? Dissatisfied? Can't stand your present job, afraid of getting fired Depressed? Staring at the late night tube ...

13. 5 Chinese Brothers - Paul Cezanne
Tom Meltzer Well, I love Cubism, it's my favorite style When I see a Cubist painting I've just got to smile But there's one painter, I'm his...

14. 5 Chinese Brothers - I Always Knew
It's getting late and I'm getting torn Between a lonely night and an ugly morn I don't even know if I can hold my own But what can I do for...

15. 5 Chinese Brothers - Look At It Rain
(Paul Foglino) I found a stray dog, took him in He ate right from my hand A dog won't bite you if you treat him right That's the difference...

16. 5 Chinese Brothers - Marionette
(Neil Thomas) Pull my string I'm your marionette And I'll do anything if you let me If you need a lover here I am And if you need a fighter...

17. 5 Chinese Brothers - Midnight At The Liberty
(Tom Meltzer) Midnight at the Liberty Jimi's playing Berkeley But he's playing much too quiet Hope that it don't start a riot I guess...

18. 5 Chinese Brothers - I'm Not Finished Yet
(Paul Foglino) This morning I got up too early After staying out too late last night Yesterday I thought that I was acting like a fool Today...

19. 5 Chinese Brothers - Nothing But Time
(Paul Foglino) For everyone who had a chance and blew it For everyone who knew what he had to do And couldn't do it When every little bit...

20. 5 Chinese Brothers - It's A Secret
(Paul Foglino) Met a girl last night she asked if I would stay I said "All right" She just turned and walked away She didn't say why Must...

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