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1. Hootie & The Blowfish - One Love
Sunshine, on the horizon Over two young lovers, while it's going down Somewhere, the same sun rising On another two lovers, as the world goes...

2. Hootie , The Blowfish - Deeper Side
I've found a reason to dig deep down. There's a part of you that I ain't found that's in your deeper side. Instead of wondering what I should do, I...

3. Hootie , The Blowfish - Almost Home
Walking on the water in a van Tryin to think of everything I can But it's getting very late, And these tapes don't sound too good And my body just...

4. Hootie , The Blowfish - Alright
She's always reminding me that things are gonna be alright. Yes, she's always beside me. She keeps reminding me that everything will be alright. I'm...

5. Hootie , The Blowfish - Little Darlin'
Hello, little darlin'. Can't see why you're cryin'. Don't even know why you came by so soon. And I know that you love me. Remember that you left me....

6. Hootie , The Blowfish - Tears Fall Down
Now I see the time we had before is just a passing moment that we can't share anymore. And I've learned that written words are not the same as when...

7. Hootie , The Blowfish - Woody
Can you see me there when I'm standing alone? How did you know I needed you here? Can you feel the screams from the depth of my soul? Is that what...

8. Hootie , The Blowfish - Get Out Of My Mind
Last night had a crazy dream You were everywhere it seemed You were filling up my soul Doin' everything to make me whole Read about you in the Sunday...

9. Hootie , The Blowfish - The Rain Song
I don't think about us much anymore. Frankly, the topic has become a bore. And you don't come up much in my conversations. And I don't think about...

10. Hootie , The Blowfish - Space
I see it inside your eyes, feel it in your soul. A part of you is moving on, the other half is gone. I don't know what you want from me, no, you lock...

11. Hootie , The Blowfish - When She's Gone
She has a light and a faith that won't die. She has a heart of a lion and the will to survive. She has a pretty young daughter back home who'll soon...

12. Hootie , The Blowfish - Waltz Into Me
Years of trying to keep myself free Now I find that I'm down on my knees I kept hiding the feeling I had Locked away everyday, Lonesome and sad ...

13. Hootie , The Blowfish - I'll Come Runnin'
It's been such a long time since I haven't seen your face. There's a tear on your cheek where your smile used to be 'cause I'm going away. We had...

14. Hootie , The Blowfish - I'm Going Home
Mama please don't go Won't you stay here for one more day I've been your boy for so long now There's so much I still have to say Sky rips open,...

15. Hootie , The Blowfish - Araby
It is worth the admission "Oh my love" fogs up the glass I look on, in a window "Oh my love" fogs up the glass. On rainy days I wonder what's behind...

16. Hootie , The Blowfish - Tucker's Town
Staring back at you Did you see my lips Or were you smiling right in front of me Your father called my name Then he smiled with great relief ...

17. Hootie , The Blowfish - A Smile
They pulled the switch that sent me far Into the rich and distant stars Bounced me back into your car Returning with a smile Constantly in rotation...

18. Hootie , The Blowfish - Honeyscrew
Fly inside Feel me dealing Holding on to a story just told About a man who's the life of a funeral Grabbing on to a woman who's soul He just...

19. Hootie , The Blowfish - Answer Man
You must retreat now I just can't talk anymore Your words make me empty inside There's nothing left of you Time seems to change Thoughts I have...

20. Hootie , The Blowfish - One By One
Three In my family say "we've never been anywhere" "to the left sea can we go please we don't care we want to sit and stare at it" can we try to...

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