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1. Di-rect - Stuck In The Middle
So here's your valentine Bouquet of clumsy words My energy will burst and I, I'm waiting for your call The day you'll let me in That's where we will...

2. Di-rect - Webcam Girl
Webcam girl dot com Tryin' hard to give me some Dancing on my lap Showing me the valley's of the net Damn well she knew her job She did And now...

3. Di-rect - Take You Home
Look your eyes I see inside a great paradise Look your face I want to ask if we can find another place Oww mum I pass Cause I'm in love Oww I am in...

4. Di-rect - 12345
Where do we go from here! I feel my jumping gear There must be something in the air Now should I make my move? Just like that fairytale I kiss her...

5. Di-rect - Blind For You
I see your shadow coming closer And watch you drifting out me, I know You will make it on your own You can run out of everything And everything is...

6. Di-rect - Angel Dust
Many times as you slept I've told you this You're the one, you're my world, hopes and dreams I have cried sweet sweet tears Liquid words ran down my...

7. Di-rect - Hey Boy
Having a coke to take away as i bumped into someone turned around and to my dismay; my ex-girls going on, and on i'm feeling for the dude she...

8. Di-rect - Rollercoaster
Rollercoaster You can tell me what is true and all the things I gotta do To be sure, to be safe for the danger on the way I can tell you...

9. Di-rect - I Can't
I'm really gonna miss it Your hand holdin' mine I really want to kiss it Your head close to mine I really want to feel it Our love is almost...

10. Di-rect - How Could I Take It So Far
Threes are black Life is grey This is the day feels empty He won't come back Maybe some day Now that is a dream of me My life is changed Your life...

11. Di-rect - Get Up
You're such a fool my friend wanting to be with them how can you move by the roof hanging out and acting cool the wannabees from school ...

12. Di-rect - Follow
I follow all the clouds upstairs my sorrow would end in one pride I don't know well when someone's there who can show me how I can fly I follow the...

13. Di-rect - Adrenaline
Heeey I need adrenaline. go. Put it to the test What if life became a game And is your quest dropped down the drain Could you manage on...

14. Di-rect - Inside My Head
Is it wise enough to say That I'm better off without you Is it cool enough to fake 'cause all that I've been breathing is about you Is it wise...

15. Di-rect - Free (to Change The World)
Don't wanna know the answers Why you don't know where to go I don't wanna know the reasons Why you don't know where you are Makin' it real, and ...

16. Di-rect - Sell Your Soul
Welcome to my humble place Glad you came Hope you recognize my face And know my name I can teach you how to write And play like hell Or transform you...

17. Di-rect - My Generation
People try to put us d-down (talkinbout my generation) just because we get around (talkinbout my generation) things they look so awful c-cold...

18. Di-rect - Hungry For Love
Days confused, my heart's abused I wake up alone I see coffee cups and washing up Reality is home My head is spinning so fast Will this hangover...

19. Di-rect - Sleeptight
Everytime I laugh to you in the room where we can see each other That's how I learnt to the keep the faith to kill each other it's so bad to recied...

20. Di-rect - Name Of The Game
Staring at the ceiling while asleep Visioning in the future Troubled water all around the bed What if I would take the chance and jumped Maybe I...

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