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1. Teena Marie - Wild Horses
Gee whiz but you look so good to me And it's funny how it gets me every time When we kiss a thousand different feelings cross my mind Touch me and...

2. Teena Marie - Deja Vu (i've Been Here Before)
1:i am young and i am old /i am rich and i am poor/ i feel like i've been on this earth many times before/ Once i was a wide gazelle on horseback...

3. Teena Marie - Young Love
Ooh...ooh...ooh...ooh... Yeah, yeah I remember back in school When I first laid my eyes on you I saw your smile and knew right then and there You...

4. Teena Marie - Irons In The Fire
People say I've got my hands in too many things Keeping time with paupers just as well as kings I toss my hat up to the silver sky And then I sigh...

5. Teena Marie - I'm Still In Love
Oooooo, Oooooo yeah ah, Ooooooo, Oooooo yeah ah Tell me baby, how long has it been Here you come, and here I go again I must admit you looking...

6. Teena Marie - Makaveli Never Lied
Thug life Makavelli Thug life Twenty-two dubs up in the sky Spread your angel wings and fly A comet soars across the sky Sent to give the whole...

7. Teena Marie - Now That I Have You
Am I dreaming, are you real Can this be heaven that I feel Raindrops falling down Make the sweetest sound... sweetest sound Now that I have you ...

8. Teena Marie - Hypnotized
Hypnotized, you got me hypnotized All it took was one little look into your eyes I'll do what ever you say, command me baby and I'll obey Because I...

9. Teena Marie - Behind The Groove
Hey, baby (Oh, yeah) Let me take you to Xanadu (Where is that?) Behind the groove (Well, alright) Hoo... (Behind the groove) There's another side...

10. Teena Marie - Why Did I Have To Fall In Love With You
Some say you're shy but I think differently It's really just that you're unsure of me Some say that I'm a woman of the world But all I want to be is...

11. Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin'
Ooh Love's fever comin' on strong I don't want the fire without the flame, no Mother Nature gave me two hands to hold you I'm not talkin' pressure...

12. Teena Marie - Breakfast In Bed
I guess that you - got next to me Honey you were so persuasive I gave in much to easy Why you wanna come around here Boy looking so fine Let's talk...

13. Teena Marie - Lonley Desire
Hey you, back there! Crying out in dark despair Your spark-long gone Did it vanish like the light of dawn You lied-you tried Playing it off like...

14. Teena Marie - Too Many Colors (tee's Interlude)
Too many colors, too many colors I can't blend One million different shades Too many colors, too many paint-by-number minds Too many twisted minds ...

15. Teena Marie - Can It Be Love
Looking out my window today Seeing nothing but your sweet face I wonder what this feeling can be What's come over me Can it be love Lying in your...

16. Teena Marie - Portuguese Love
Hey, baby, how you doin' Wow, huh, it's really been a long time You know Remember that night You remember On a starry winter night in Portugal...

17. Teena Marie - Where's California
After I left you I found I can't be so far And so long away And here I am, huh Getting ready to get on this train And I don't have anybody to talk...

18. Teena Marie - Black Rain
What Michelle say? Do you love her as much as you love me? I sit alone I watch the phone get dial toned Then you I've known The marrow bone A...

19. Teena Marie - The Smooth Tip
This is a story about 2 Lovers Who went their seperate ways Impassioned lovers wrestling as one The Smooth Tip Common sense may tell me that the...

20. Teena Marie - Lovergirl
Hee... Sugar pop Funky pops Coffee, tea or me, baby, touche ole My opening line might be a bit passe But don't think that I don't know what I'm...

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