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1. Missy Elliott - We Run This
My style can't be duplicated or recycled This chick is a sick individual Sick tape vol. 2 Believe it Ho¦ Ho¦ Let me switch up the game [Verse...

2. Missy Elliott - Mommy
[Intro] Please Stand Up! In 2005 the industry will be pussy whipped It Wont be easy! [Verse 1] They like mommy with the cute face can i get a date,...

3. Missy Elliott - Fighting Temptations
F/ Beyonce, Free, MC Lyte * send corrections to the typist [Intro - Beyonce] Fighting temptation [Missy] Yo Beyonce, Free, MC Lyte,...

4. Missy Elliott - The Rain (supa Dupa Fly) (feat. Timbaland)
(rock the joint) Me I'm supa fly (uh-huh) Supa dupa fly (uh-huh) Supa dupa fly [singing] I can't stand the rain! (uh) Me I'm supa fly (uh-huh)...

5. Missy Elliott - Best Friends (feat. Aaliyah)
[VERSE 1:] My best friend say She sick of me cryin on the phone Tellin how the Men are doggin me My best friend say Don't tell her nothin bout me...

6. Missy Elliott - Old School Joint
Flip da beat Oh yeah I'm feelin this one You remember back in the old school days You used to have joints like this and you'd be up in the club...

7. Missy Elliott - Dats What I'm Talkin About
(feat. R Kelly) [Missy] Uhhhh Ahhhh! Have you ever been in the mind of a virgin? It gets hot and curious (And ooaaa) Well let me take you there Are...

8. Missy Elliott - Beep Me 911 (feat. 702, Magoo)
[Timbaland] Say what, say what? Say what, say what? Say what, say what? Missy, bring it in [Missy] Why you played on me? Wasn't I good enough for...

9. Missy Elliott - Lose Control (feat. Fatman Scoop, Ciara)
Music make u lose control Music make u lose control [Fatman Scoop] Lets go Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Here we go now Here we go now Here we go...

10. Missy Elliott - Gettaway
(feat. Nicole, Space) [Verse One:] Close your eyes Visualize Space and I verbalize You chastize But can't stop my enterprise Put your rhymes in a...

11. Missy Elliott - Meltdown
Bet it, bet it taste like candy {*3X*} Missy I broke up wit my ex I couldn't take his sarcasm Everytime we bone I had to fake an orgasm Moanin and...

12. Missy Elliott - On & On (feat. Pharrell)
[Pharrell] Beware, you're now listening to the sounds of Mis-demeanor Turn everything up, all the levels All the fuckin levels [Bridge: Missy] Missy...

13. Missy Elliott - Lights, Camera... Action! (remix)
[P. Diddy] Ladies and gentleman¦.. this¦ is¦ the remix C'mon¦.. this¦ is¦ the remix C'mon¦ Ladies and gentleman¦ this¦ is¦ the¦ remix ...

14. Missy Elliott - Son Of A Gun
[Janet] Ha, ha, who, who Thought you'd get the money, too Greedy, greedy, greedy Try to have the cake and eat it, too. [Missy Elliott] Missy!...

15. Missy Elliott - For My People
I'm the best and that's B and that's capital I hang low like testicles MCs when it come to these men who flow Hoes better back up Fo' they...

16. Missy Elliott - Party To Damascus
Wyclef:Its Ova Missy With The Preachers Son Its Ova I Tol Ya'll...J Clef Lets Go... Missy: Hey Yo Clef These Mother Fuckers Ain Ready For This...

17. Missy Elliott - Rewind That Back
[Missy] Ugh, Ugh, Ugh....Woooo!!! [Verse 1: Trina] Yo, I'm a diamond in the rough See I roll from the slum Any little old city is like...

18. Missy Elliott - I'm Really Hot
[PRE-HOOK] oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh I'm,I'm,I'm,I'm,I'm really,really Hot,Hot,Hot,Hot,Hot [1st VERSE] Let me holla' at the d.j. Come on d.j. put...

19. Missy Elliott - I've Changed (feat. Lil' Mo)
Yes I've changed again, baby Changed.. changed.. Changed, the games, that I, used to play Play.. leavin when I stay Woo! Ohhh, ooooh, baby I've...

20. Missy Elliott - Pass Da Blunt (feat. Timbaland)
[Verse One:] Bitches I never wanna hang with bitches Since I turn Missy Every bitch I meet be booty lickin My ass they kissin But I feel like they...

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