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1. Karen Matheson - 'ic Iain 'ic Sheumais
A Mhic Iain 'Ic Sheumais Tha do sgeul air m'aire Air fa ra ra lo, air fa ra ra lo Latha Blar a' Cheithe Bha feum air mo leanamh A hi eile fe o hiri...

2. Karen Matheson - An Ataireachd Ard
An ataireachd bhuan Cluinn fuiam na h-ataireachd ard Tha torunn a'chuain Mar chualas leams' e'n am phaisd Gun mhuthadh gun truas A' sluaisreadh...

3. Karen Matheson - Evangeline
Evangeline, Evangeline The angel of the morning is here And now the summer is over and we're all a little colder We'll get by Evangeline,...

4. Karen Matheson - Early Morning Grey
I'm driving through the open roads of hometown The Junipers are swaying again It's barely five o'clock and sunlight's on the loch And nothing's...

5. Karen Matheson - Mi Le M' Uilinn
Mi le m'uilinn air mo ghluin 'Smuladach mi deanamh dain Chorus: Shil mo shuil nuair chaidh siuil Ri croinn-ura chaol ard Righ, 'smo run-sa nam bard ...

6. Karen Matheson - There's Always Sunday
I'm not afraid, I know what's your mind It does not worry me When I hear your name sometimes it's a blade Mostly it's a key Chorus: And there's...

7. Karen Matheson - Moch Di Luain
Moch Di Luain Moch Di-luain ghabh i 'n cuan Moch Di-luain ghabh i 'n cuan Moch Di-luain an deidh Di-domhnaich Sheol i a Steornabhagh a' chaisteil...

8. Karen Matheson - One More Chance
Calling all olive branches and laid-off doves There is work to do before we say good-bye And who can see them turning to the face of love? Though I...

9. Karen Matheson - Fac Thu Na Feidh
'Fac thu na féidh gu léir, a Bhoireagain? 'Fac thu na féidh a Theàrlaich? 'Fac thu na féidh gu léir, a Bhoireagain? Suas gu mullach Cnoc...

10. Karen Matheson - Move On
Imagine a place where you don't need a name And you don't need a license to open your mind Well, it's a traveling circus of jokers and clowns A movie...

11. Karen Matheson - Bonnie Jean
There was a lass an she was fair at kirk an' market tae be seen When aw oor fairest maids were met, the flower o' them, bonnie Jean Aye, she wrought...

12. Karen Matheson - An Fhideag Airgid
Co a sheinneas an fhideag airigid Ho ro hu a hu il o Hi ri hu o, hi ri hu o Mac mo righ air tighinn a dh'Alba Air lang mhar nar tri chrann airgid ...

13. Karen Matheson - At The End Of The Night
Is your love a river of no respite? Will it carry me from the desert to the sea? At the end of the night when my heart is broken When my dreams are...

14. Karen Matheson - Hoping For You
Desire is in ashes, careless soul Free to go Free to go, babe Like it's something heartfelt Like it's end of show Like it's end of show, babe You...

15. Karen Matheson - Calbharaigh
Chaneil mo shul air Calbharaigh No air Bethlehem an aigh Ach air cuil ghrod an Glaschu Far a bheil an lobhadh fas Agus air seomar an Duneidin Seomar...

16. Karen Matheson - Speed Of Love
Watching the white horses roll Watching them fall, lose control See them ride and in the wild blue wine unfold Chorus: I want to know the speed of...

17. Karen Matheson - Goodbye Phoebe
You like to think that you're bad Because it lets you off the hook Your pride's in rags You do it by the book But because of and in spite of All the...

18. Karen Matheson - The Dreaming Sea
The dreaming sea Flexes in the lilac light You're the moon and I'm the tide Cradle my head Kiss me like you wish me dead Breathe life into me ...

19. Karen Matheson - World Stood Still
The day you left this island was a cold December morning Tender was the redness of the sky And all along the shoreline sang birds in blissful glory I...

20. Karen Matheson - Time To Fall
Mercury falling, I can feel it bite You're walking through the mirrors of the night You might live to see the light Chorus: But you'll never find a...

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