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1. Black Maria - A Thief In The Ranks (your Bike)
Your desperation Your inspiration When you finally became a mute, while a sad song plays, you lie helpless and lost, infected by the truth That was...

2. Black Maria - A Kiss For Every Disaster
Your make up is smeared down your face From all the tears you cried as you left me Now waking up alone is harder then you ever believed Now your back...

3. Black Maria - Van Gogh
Give away all that you have inside. Every last moment that you're alive, until you body is cold. Sure, as he peels way your skin, you see the monster...

4. Black Maria - A Call To Arms
Shots ring out like a bell, as they're running away from the scene. The sweat leaking down to my pillow makes it so much harder and harder to sleep....

5. Black Maria - Lucid
I stocked up on the ropes and the chains. Can we keep things together now? My mind is a broken shell and the last pieces are covering the bathroom......

6. Black Maria - The Concubine
So take a minute and ask yourself why every second you're after just seems to pass. Take a minute and ask why you ran away from it. And every moment,...

7. Black Maria - Fool's Gold
There's a machine in my head. There's a grinding in my brain. The best part is that it turns you on. The grinding penetrates under the sheets, my...

8. Black Maria - Waking Up With The Wolves
Close your eyes, and pretend I'm by your side Can you feel me love? Can you see me love? You wake up alone It's still forty days until I come home...

9. Black Maria - Living Expenses
Paralyzed between these metal walls. And how I wish I had something more than this. Is this success? 'Cause when I'm home, it's just another day. A...

10. Black Maria - Nothing Comes Easy But You
Your beauty forced a change in me Vivid and pure, it will always be haunting me Burnt out by the temptress of old Reborn, you're constantly...

11. Black Maria - 11:11
Don't say goodbye. 'Cause I'm still right here. And don't you give up. My love, for you is stronger than this. I'm a tightrope walker. And a...

12. Black Maria - The Perilous Curse
This love is a curse that's fading away If I could only see your eyes I swear It may just change my mind That this wasn't a dream, a diamond I can't...

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