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1. Soul Asylum - Runaway Train
Call you up in the middle of the night Like a firefly without a light You were there like a slow torch burning I was a key that could use a...

2. Soul Asylum - Oxygen
Oxygen Wishinupon a mattress Fallinoff the accent Flippinthe stillness (? ) Flippinthe bird (? ) Walkinhome when you're wasted I can almost...

3. Soul Asylum - Everybody Loves A Winner
Once I had fame, oh but I was full of pride. There were a lot of friends always by my side. But my fame oh it died and my friends began to hide ...

4. Soul Asylum - April Fool
Quittin' after one more last one Tired of playin' the clown If I want your opinion I'll ask ya I can get myself down Night driving without...

5. Soul Asylum - Be On Your Way
Just like an old man in a candy store, the riots across the street The cold greets the newborn, the neighbors that never meet No one's making plans...

6. Soul Asylum - Artificial Heart
It's a second hand story no one wants to hear And it's wet with blood, salted with tears It's black and white and red all over Happens all the...

7. Soul Asylum - Bitter Pill
At the end of the track is a two bit shack When you die, that's where you go Down the lines, up from this pit at the end of your rainbow That's...

8. Soul Asylum - Broken Glass
Long distance information, ring me 608 Laughing at the other end get me my prescription, come and walk my dog please get me anything You can't...

9. Soul Asylum - Another World, Another Day
Folks tell jokes in clouds of smoke Making sure life won't decay Fancy flags fly in your face Fall polluting in my space Pounds of sounds...

10. Soul Asylum - Beggars And Choosers
Beggars And Choosers -- Right before the aftermath, I saw where it would end. They said it was an accident, I guess that all depends on who...

11. Soul Asylum - Bittersweetheart
Why you always want to get the best of me I'm like a seeing-eye dog and I can't even see They're naked and they're following my master who is blind...

12. Soul Asylum - Beggars & Choosers
Beggars and choosers -- Right before the aftermath, I saw where it would end. They said it was an accident, I guess that all depends On who you...

13. Soul Asylum - Hopes Up
There's just no substitute for fun I've tried every single one And no one can take your place Everybody gets replaced My time has neither come...

14. Soul Asylum - Put The Bone In
Put the bone in She yelled at the store 'Cause my doggie's been hit by a car And I do want to bring him home something Put the bone in She...

15. Soul Asylum - All The King's Friends
The papers read that the king is dead The people said what we need instead Is to be on our own But people, they do the strangest things You...

16. Soul Asylum - We 3
I was tapping my foot on a Friday night To my favorite band I was pushed aside I said "hey don't push me no one pushes me" When I was face to...

17. Soul Asylum - I Should Have Stayed In Bed
Im gonna stay in bed all day Im gonna stay in bed all day And this could be my lucky day Or it could turn to black I might lucky anyway I...

18. Soul Asylum - Just Like Anyone
She walks into the outhouse the cold night breathes into her face the flies are standin' still now the moon it spills through the place and she...

19. Soul Asylum - New York Blackout
When you chew my ear off, try and let me know You will never get another piece of me Cause in a New York blackout, things go kinda slow And you...

20. Soul Asylum - School's Out
Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Makin all that noise 'Cause they found new toys Well we can't salute ya Can't find a flag If...

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