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1. Zeke - 302 Cubic Inch V-8 Powered Blues
You better not start that car You better not start that car You better not......... You better not start that car You better not start that car You...

2. Zeke - Maybe Someday
My hair fell out in great big heaps. there is no hope for my fuckin' teeth. maybe someday i'll learn. and my right leg keeps goin' out. and i think...

3. Zeke - Telepathy Boy
Telepathy boy [x2] the way i look, the way i feel the way i comb my hair the way i look behind your eyes and tell you what to hear telepathy boy...

4. Zeke - Slut
Every dau's another day, another day in sin. spread her dirty legs for you and let you slide it in. i know that the meat tastes sweeter on the other...

5. Zeke - Relapse
Just got back from fayettevile, i used to call it home. my back is broke, my head is hurt. i'm feeling so alone. yeah, man, just like the last time...

6. Zeke - Holley 750
You know that holley 4-jet power is my one and only goal. open up the throttle, let the gas air mixture flow. bolt the carburetor to the intake...

7. Zeke - Tuned Out
I'm so tened in i feel left out. i don't know what i'm all about. i talk too much, i never shut up. can't you see, i'm drinkin' from from a broken...

8. Zeke - Runnin' Shine
Well now down deep in the ozarks man, there were i was born, my grandfather owned a still and raised a field of corn. he told me boy, you gonna carry...

9. Zeke - Galaxie 500
I gave you something you never thought you'd have. think about that ache in the back of your thighs but you say it's alright. this love is runnin'...

10. Zeke - Highway
Nobody can take my car. nobody can make it this far. go! go! nobody can take my car. nobody on this highway, nobody can keep me at bay. go! go!...

11. Zeke - Rid
How you gonna get rid of me, you can't get rid of me. still watchin' your t.v. still smokin' your cigarettes. whenever you need abuse, you'll know...

12. Zeke - Twisted
GET DOWN! twisted on my 69 im in love with the 69 69 [x2] yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah she comes by, she comes by, she comes by me and you can't have her...

13. Zeke - Let's Get Drugs
Hey, he's.... he's acting weird. It must be drugs. Let's get Drugs! Let's get Drugs! Let's get Drugs! Let's get Loaded! Power out, go ahead. I'll...

14. Zeke - Wrathchild
Go into a scene, ignorance and greed, dominance is a poor excusion mother is a queen, father was obscene always never meant to be now i spend my...

15. Zeke - Wreckin Machine
My baby is a wreckin machine. spoonful of soul. don't you know? listening to frightwig, trashin' all my new rigs. my dilaudid milkshake. operation...

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