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1. Judith Christie Mcallister - Zion Rejoice
(verse 1) Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord Let every heart beat praise on one accord Let every tongue every tribe everywhere Calling...

2. Judith Christie Mcallister - Bless Thou The Lord Oh My Soul (anthem)
Bless Thou The Lord Oh My Soul (Anthem) (written by William James Kirkpatrick and John Sweney) (recorded by Judith Christie-McAllister) Verse:...

3. Judith Christie Mcallister - To Our God
To Our God (written by Robert Christie and Judith Christie McAllister) (recorded by Judith Christie McAllister) Verse 1: I will sing praises unto...

4. Judith Christie Mcallister - Bless Thou The Lord Oh My Soul / He's Worthy
Bless Thou the Lord Oh My Soul/He's Worthy (written by Michael Bereal, Judith Christie McAllister, and Jason White) (recorded by Judith Christie...

5. Judith Christie Mcallister - A Lifestyle Of Worship
(Verse) May the life that I live reflect Your glory May the words that I speak honor Your name My the thoughts that I think be pleasing unto You...

6. Judith Christie Mcallister - Lift Him High!
(Verse) The name of the Lord, it is a strong tower The righteous run in and they are safe The name of the Lord is a shield and defender Through...

7. Judith Christie Mcallister - As Your Word Says It
As Your Word Says It (David B. Smith/Arr. Judith McAllister) As your word says it, I believe it I'm saved, I'm healed, I'm free As your word says...

8. Judith - Sorry
Once you and I where as innocent as kids Love could easy grow to the corners of our hearts unaware of danger we started to grow up When we...

9. Judith Christie Mcallister - Hallelujah_ You're Worthy
(Chorus) Hallelujah, You're worthy to be praised Hallelujah, You're worthy to be praised Hallelujah, You're worthy to be praised Hallelujah,...

10. Judith - Thrill Me
Come and see me “ feel me Now or never Heal me “ thrill me I hope forever Heal me tonight- will be by my side My Love ... Is it...

11. Judith Christie Mcallister - High Praise
The Lord is high above the heavens and His glory above the nations the Lord is high above the heavens And His glory above the nations (2x) Give God...

12. Judith Christie Mcallister - One Thing
One Thing (written byJudith Christie McAllister) (recorded by Judith Christie McAllister) (based on Psalm 27) Verse: One thing have I desired of...

13. Judith Christie Mcallister - Like The Dew (remix)
Like The Dew (writtenb by Juanita Bynum & Judith Christie-McAllister) (recorded by Juanita Bynum & also Judith Christie-McAllister) Verse: Like the...

14. Judith Christie Mcallister - Selah
Selah, Selah, Selah (Oh, Selah. When I think about it) Selah, Selah, Selah (I’ve got to thank you) When I think of his greatness, His power and...

15. Judith Christie Mcallister - My Confession
My Confession (written by Judith Christie McAllister) (recorded by Judith Christie McAllister) Verse 1: I will say of the Lord, He is my fortress....

16. Judith Christie Mcallister - Jubilation
"Praise Him" Praise Him, praise Him Praise Him in the morning Praise Him in the noonday Praise Him, praise Him Praise Him when the sun goes...

17. Judith Christie Mcallister - Send Judah First
Verse 1: There's a promise in God's word Concerning those who worship The sanctified of God The Holy Royal Priesthood If we should praise his name...

18. Judith Christie Mcallister - Joy Of The Lord
The joy of the Lord is my strength The joy of the Lord is my strength The joy of the Lord it is my strength (Verse) In my dark and weakest hour ...

19. Judith Christie Mcallister - Sing Praises To Thee
Verse I will sing unto the Lord a new song Hallelujah, sing praises to thee I will clap my hands before Him, praise Him all day long Hallelujah sing...

20. Judith - Scared
Baby, do you understand, That I have to say goodbye to you my friend, Please don't think it's easy for me to do. You're my best friend and I still...

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