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1. Our Lady Peace - Teardrop-carnival
Love, love is a verb Love is a doing word Feathers on my breath Gentle impulsion Shakes me makes me lighter Fearless on my breath Teardrop...

2. Our Lady Peace - My Julia
Here i am sitting in my room alone i lay on my bed sitting by the phone waiting for the one, that special one to call, but she's out partying...

3. Our Lady Peace - Deep Down
When you look at me, Do you close your eye's, So you don't have to face the fear inside You are haunted by regret For a mistake you haven't even...

4. Our Lady Peace - Love And Trust
Mother, will you think of me in your prayers? This 21st century is a mess Oh you can try and fix it But it breaks Oh you can try and love it But it...

5. Our Lady Peace - Boy
It's time for forgiveness It's time for relief It's time that we've wasted And it's time that we need It's time for decision It's time to be brave...

6. Our Lady Peace - Picture
Waiting by the telephone Breathing through a giant rubber hose God only knows Photographs of you and me Pictures of the friends you used to know...

7. Our Lady Peace - Are You Listening
Tired and jaded This road is unsafe Have you been there? Have you been there? But time is on your side You're too stubborn to wait Are you...

8. Our Lady Peace - Potato Girl
We live , we die I don't know the reasons we ask why We hate , we push Recent tests show we all are Misunderstood Somethings seizing You know you...

9. Our Lady Peace - Canival
You know you're not a strong man And you're just about to cry Hang on hang on it's alright its alright You worry about the future The sign said...

10. Our Lady Peace - Clumsy- Tsme
Throw away the radio, suitcase keeps you awake, hide the telephone, the telephone, telephone in case, you realize that some times your just not...

11. Our Lady Peace - Are You Sad_
Your life has been so hard It's been dried up angels that can't keep guard I'm trying to reach your hand But I'm on fire I never planned to...

12. Our Lady Peace - Wipe That Smile Off Your Face
It's just the two of us A silver cross And some strength that you won't believe See I'm not your friend And I won't pretend That I've come here for...

13. Our Lady Peace - Needle And The Damage Done
Caught you knockin at my cellar door love you baby can I have some more? oh damage done I hit the city and I lost my band watched the needle...

14. Our Lady Peace - Drive
Who's gonna tell you when it's too late? Who's gonna tell you things aren't so great? You can't go on, thinking nothing's wrong Who's gonna...

15. Our Lady Peace - Blister
Lately I can't breathe Waiting they're chasing me No one listens but i'm ok with it Only I wonder why If only my hands weren't tied The world's a...

16. Our Lady Peace - It's Not Enough
There's nothing you can say Nothing you can do There's nothing in between You know the truth Nothing left to face There's nothing left to lose ...

17. Our Lady Peace - Shaking
So, you fucked this up again It's time for you to leave You never had many friends And you thought this was all right You're rushing to meditate...

18. Our Lady Peace - Imagine (peace Songs)
Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there's no...

19. Our Lady Peace - R.k. 2029
The year is 2029. The machines will convince us that they are conscious, that they have their own agenda worthy of our respect. They'll embody...

20. Our Lady Peace - In Repair
Well it's good to know that you'll be okay I've been waiting for this And I'll be there to sit While you pray no one's blaming me I'm not supposed to...

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