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1. A Global Threat - Out In The Dark
Seems like so many nights Get the 66 while dusk kills the light Go ahead and swill two in the back Looking down on a Cadillac Catch the...

2. A Global Threat - Sirens
I hear an echo ringing through the corridor somewhere a fire burns while rain begins to pour did somebody slip up, did someone hit the floor? ...

3. A Global Threat - Bloody, Red Eyes
Punching out and closing up lets run amok the eve pour some cups but they won't shut up so theres piss in their listerine and now weve gotta...

4. A Global Threat - Who's To Blame
What makes a killer? now that's a bore what makes you scream? you're being ignored if your hand are bloody then so are mine we all want freedom...

5. A Global Threat - My Neighbors
I don't really care if you call me a fag I've known fags who are better men than you And I know you're not measured by what you're called You're...

6. A Global Threat - On The Clock
Buzzing blaring through my skull the sun is up but i can't tell sneak the covers down my nose eyes are sore gotta keep 'em closed call in, no...

7. A Global Threat - Channel 4
Ack and forth, t.v. to school, there's not much else you know they're the only things that feed you what you think, you need to grow in the...

8. A Global Threat - Cause For Abortion
Shock value by your design dead little babies on your great big sign pro-lifer don't give me shit you've killed too you hypocrite cause for...

9. A Global Threat - Elitist Attitudes
You put quarters in the juke box to complain about the songs you used to be supportive now you're telling us we're wrong but nothing's really...

10. A Global Threat - Bury Your Parents (mommy, Daddy)
Cocktail stains on your G.Q. slacks you'll show you're clever go blow some lingo out your ass libido takes over all the shit you learned in...

11. A Global Threat - American Culture
We're gonna fight it till the end and we won't be beat down again your culture's fed into our veins, your preaching tyranny and hate to follow in...

12. A Global Threat - All We Really Own
We're told we've got a brand of pride that nothing can take away engraved in minds from oug to old the letters u.s.a controlling your emotions...

13. A Global Threat - False Patriot
You say you believe in peace and freedom but you'll never be free without a fight you say you believe in the government when all they do is take...

14. A Global Threat - Earache
Always gumming how you've got it right, just buy in, you're that type no debate, you insist fate will warm you by spotlight you talk but don't...

15. A Global Threat - So Paranoid
Hearing sounds at your front door do they think you don't watch out anymore? will they come and take what's yours? all the houses look the same ...

16. A Global Threat - The Kids Will Revolt
Police cars are after you, your parents tell you what to do if what they say is all so true, i guess there's no home left for you kids will...

17. A Global Threat - Blow You Away
They've got you and your next move push buttons for the army block bullets for the rich a stupid game, sit back and wait for the day they...

18. A Global Threat - Living Dead
Hungry from the pain nothing in your brain alive again from the acid rain crawl out of the sewer drain we're animated skeletons it's everyday...

19. A Global Threat - The Power
What makes you more important than me? a uniform is all that i can see they gave you a gun, you're not just a citizen but you've killed before and...

20. A Global Threat - Conformity
All these stupid people, they live their lives the same unless you try to change, then there's no reason to complain conformity, conformity ...

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