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1. Dolly Parton - He's Alive
The gates and doors were barred And all the windows fastened down I spent the night in sleeplessness And rose at every sound Half in hopeless...

2. Dolly Parton - What A Friend We Have In Jesus
What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and grieves to bear And what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer Can we find a friend so...

3. Dolly Parton - 9 To 5
Tumble outta bed And stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition Yawnin', stretchin', try to come to life Jump in the shower And...

4. Dolly Parton - Marry Me
Well I met a boy from Grassy Branch Fine as he can be I met him at the big barn dance And he took a shine to me Sky-blue eyes, a big wide smile ...

5. Dolly Parton - The Lord Is My Shepherd

6. Dolly Parton - Walking On Sunshine
I used to think maybe you loved me Now, baby, I'm sure And I just can't wait 'til the day When you knock on my door Now every time I go to...

7. Dolly Parton - Wabash Cannonball
It's good to be back home again at the Sevier Tennessee I'm awful glad to see you hope you're glad to see me Now I'd like to say I love you I...

8. Dolly Parton - I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven
I dreamed I was there in hillbilly heaven Oh, what a beautiful sight! And I met all the stars in hillbilly heaven Oh, what a star-spangled night! ...

9. Dolly Parton - Those Were The Days (feat. Mary Hopkin And The Opry Gang)
[Originally by Mary Hopkin] Once upon a time there was a tavern Where we used to raise a glass or two Remember how we laughed away the hours And...

10. Dolly Parton - Through Thick And Thin
The road of love is steep it's a hard climb all the way To stay in love we must keep working at it every day We have our ups and downs but we take it...

11. Dolly Parton - Two Little Orphans
I remember a time When the bloom was on the cotton When our hearts chased the clouds Like the swallow on the wing When our cares, which were...

12. Dolly Parton - Sittin' On The Front Porch Swing
I remember a time when the bloom was on the cotton When our hearts chased the clouds like the swallow on the wing When our cares which were already...

13. Dolly Parton - No Good Way Of Saying Good-bye
The truth is too painful This moment too real Saying good-bye But loving you still Too late to start over We've tried that before And I...

14. Dolly Parton - Where Grass Won't Grow (with Goerge Jones, Emmylou Harris And Trish Yearwood
Writer Earl Montgomery Copyright 1968 The dirt was clay and was the color of the blood in me A twelve acre farm on a ridge is southern...

15. Dolly Parton - The Cruel War (feat. Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski & Mindy Smith)
The Cruel War is raging, Johnny has to fight I want to be with him from morning to night. I want to be with him, it grieves my heart so, Won't you...

16. Dolly Parton - Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (feat. Norah Jones & Lee Ann Womack)
Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing? Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago? Where have all the flowers gone? Young girls have...

17. Dolly Parton - She Don't Love You (like I Love You)
(Jerry Butler/Calvin Carter/Curtis Mayfield) She don't love you like I love you Cause if she did she wouldn't break your heart She don't...

18. Dolly Parton - Please Don't Stop Loving Me
Please,Please dont stop loving me Or I couldn't make alone Please,Please dont stop loving me Or I couldn't make it when you're gone You bring me...

19. Dolly Parton - Lord Hold My Hand
Hold my hand let's not lose my way hold my hand and lead me home Guide each step that I might take hold my hand and keep me strong And let the...

20. Dolly Parton - Blowin' In The Wind (feat. Nickel Creek)
[Originally by Bob Dylan] How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man? Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail Before she...

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