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1. Imperial Teen - Captain
A boy and his guitar A borrowed coat and tie No smoking in the house Radio the bar Oh the possibility Of us making history and I want to stay...

2. Imperial Teen - Beauty
Heads that turn won't stay put Beauty unto its own Stumbled dance, a gunshot foot Beauty unto its own Loose neck grip is tightly fit ...

3. Imperial Teen - Yoo Hoo
I yoo hoo, I yoo hoo, I yoo hoo I yoo hoo, I yoo hoo, I yoo hoo She said yoo-hoo (x4) Smells like nothing Back to Beatnik And I want partner A...

4. Imperia - Angelchild
Everyday ends and the time surrenders Lost dreams forgotten Feelings got faded Try to sail peaceful through the night Who am I to decide if you...

5. Imperia - Into Paradise
Take me to paradise let me be free lead me through fire Sailing on the sea in the rising sun A promise had been done to be kept with the wings of...

6. Imperia - Mordor
Mordor Join the dream feel the magic Wise man's words find the sunstone Make the night to do Along the way a sword with a spell Through the forest...

7. Imperial Teen - City Song
Beating the same drum again and again There's nowhere to go A standing ovation of patriot nations A traveling show Go to an ashram Go back to...

8. Imperial Teen - Tippy Tap
I've got a can of shit can you open it? i always make my bed pick on her instead this fishbowl doesn't hold a killer whale in tow my dad's a...

9. Imperia - The Ancient Dance Of Qetesh
Wish there were another world to choose Wish all hatred could just disappear Wish the shade that covers my hopes wasn't there The dance of Qetesh ...

10. Imperial Teen - Birthday Girl
She goes to school in Washington A major in self portraiture Her poster in a record store You meet her in a parking lot And we should save...

11. Imperia - Escape
Lost in the eyes filled with greed Heart is bleeding All help needing Wind is blowing The sun is burning Their way is a lie Wake up from your dream...

12. Imperial Teen - Copafeelia
Cop a feel for all your sins don't get too excited suck down ritalin fake an interest seven inch penny for your soul and it's not worth it ...

13. Imperial - In Ashes I Leave
Day in, day out a burden on me a gasp for breath is all i need your beautiful words were not enough in ashes i leave to find my peace breathe you in...

14. Imperial Teen - The Beginning
Oh so fortunate you And so pitiful me I sent you letter bombs And you sent 'em back to me What I thought was a hen Turned out to be...

15. Imperial Teen - Baby
Shake shake, va va voom vis a vis go go I do you, you do me take take I'll call you sugarfree slow slow, I love you, you love me shake shake go...

16. Imperial - Screaming Red
We are the red letter red letter we will slit your throats your heart is black so rest your head because tomorrow we'll be your death we smell your...

17. Imperial Teen - Open Season
One of us faking Victorian What a fuss, picture of Dorian Follow a trail Corrupt the au pair A lesson in lust The prince lost his hair...

18. Imperial - Buried Alive
Buried alive we found you drowning in your own tears we must have lost touch we found you drowning in your tears lost without a place to go we found...

19. Imperial Teen - Million Dollar Man
I am the million dollar man will somebody catch me while you can? I'm not afraid to be alone all I need is water and a bone why don't you sink...

20. Imperial Teen - Crucible
Left the cradle by the door Now the baby's gone The fault that left the door ajar That's been spoken for Beat my friend again Oops, I'm...

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