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1. Observatory - Another Passer-by
In your eyes don't you know? people come people go around you passing by then they go lonely people never seem to know of all the things to do these...

2. Observatory - Finch
When your eyes are green you're mean when your eyes are bright you're right when your eyes are brown you frown when your eyes are red you lose your...

3. Observatory - How's Life?
How's life? living like this how is life? we'll see life is slow do we know if it's meant to be? what to do? there's nothing new is there any place...

4. Observatory - A Good Thing
What excites me what defies my common sense what makes up for what is lacking in the end finally found an answer deep in you and then you lose it...

5. Observatory - My Whole Life
My whole life follows me down the line my whole life falls down the well all my life drains from me all i see is empty heaven has lost to hell for...

6. Observatory - I Didn't See Her
I saw the sunlight i saw the moonlight but i didn't see her i couldn't see her free as the morning free as the evening but you're never free here...

7. Observatory - Acid Pills
Acid pills twice a day down to half a pack of smokes a day have a drink or two when i've quit a few watch the habit catch up with you give me hope...

8. Observatory - Hearts And Souls
Normal days in our normal lives do we wish for something more? normal days in our normal lives where there's usually nothing more can we ever know?...

9. Observatory - Failed Recollections Of A Fool
I couldn't be everything that you want me to be i must have tried but i can't quite recall it i couldn't be everything when there's nothing in me i...

10. Observatory - Killing Time
Killing time killing time don't really know what to do? sad is the man who lives by the sea wasting time wasting time watching as nothing goes by...

11. Observatory - Oddball
Falling feeling hostiling bathing moonlight walling wailing hostiling gaping what sky what sky do you life saming laybelling sum-a-light-a-doubling...

12. Observatory - Queen Of Fate
The upright guards with their purple hearts guarding the queen of spades on the isle of monopoly, they've been calling her queen of fate along the...

13. Observatory - Fishbowl Flag
Fishbowl flag uneasy flag a cab to curb your loneliness it's showing find a calculating line sorry that i missed the stop sorry but i can't decide...

14. Observatory - Relationships With Sin
Show me mercy from this misery it shouldn't be no ray of light will seize your window everything is dead even the mattress on your bed it shouldn't...

15. Observatory - Waste Your Life
Waste your life waste your life when nobody tells you otherwise use your head while you can when nobody will uncover your eyes for somebody deceives...

16. Observatory - Sea Of Doubts
No one heeds a warning no one needs a warning while their conscience goes a-sailing up the river life is giving up an intermittent howling while your...

17. Observatory - Time Of Rebirth
Count the mistakes the chances we take & put them all in a basket don't be afraid to count all your eggs to sell them all in the market place learn...

18. Observatory - Strength From The Sun
I wish i got my strength from the sun long time ago no one told me that i will always change long time ago like a golden oldie it spins in the air...

19. Observatory - This Sad Song
This sad song will write itself when you're gone & when there's no one else empty the streets of people & you'll find yourself the saddest song...

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