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1. Mystic Prophecy - River Of Hate
River Of Hate Can you hear my voice? It tells you that I am wrong I will see you burning Darkness will cover the death of the other soul I wait for...

2. Mystic Prophecy - Fighting The World
Fighting The World [Japanese bonus track] [Originally performed by Manowar] Fight fight fight Fighting the world every single day Fighting the...

3. Mystic Prophecy - 1545 - The Beginning
1545 - The Beginning Father forgive me when my soul retires from you But I have to go back to get penitence for all they have done All the pain...

4. Mystic Prophecy - Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel The look into the mirror The evil awakening I see the devil in my eyes I am my worst enemy I'm not the one you think I am But I want to...

5. Mystic Prophecy - Sky's Burning
Sky's Burning My last breath I hear they are coming The ghosts on my curse Surround myself and drill into my lifeless body And we are flying In the...

6. Mystic Prophecy - Damnation And Darkness
Damnation And Darkness He was born again Living forever in time and space Master of darkness Servant for none His eyes the fire A soulless being...

7. Mystic Prophecy - In The Distance
In The Distance I thought a lot about you Longing with rage and greed Suspending through the darkness The earth is on flames Lost in thoughts in...

8. Mystic Prophecy - When Shadows Fall
When Shadows Fall Are you yearning The events of tomorrow? Do you dream of the future? I will unite with dark forces We disdain the death Fighting...

9. Mystic Prophecy - In The Mirror
In The Mirror Days are coming Days are vanishing Look into my eyes do you believe in the day Changing all the past years? When you hold the knife...

10. Mystic Prophecy - Welcome (in The Damned Circle)
Welcome (In The Damned Circle) Can you see me Can you feel me Burning deep inside you I have been always near to you I will bring you the new...

11. Mystic Prophecy - Dark Side Of The Moon
Dark Side Of The Moon I'm afraid of day and night I'm breaking in two thousand pieces Hands are touching me again and again and I can't defeat...

12. Mystic Prophecy - Sanctuary
Sanctuary [Japanese bonus track] [Originally performed by Iron Maiden] Out of winter came a warhorse of steel I've never killed a woman before But...

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