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1. Sofia Talvik - Left By You
I shiver by your words is this the way you tell don't you think we can work it out don't you think we could get it well I might have done things...

2. Sofia Talvik - Delusional
Maybe I am really insane maybe I was chosing my truth what if I was disorientated and Delusional Maybe you are really sad or maybe you were really...

3. Sofia Talvik - My Very Own Savior
How did you go from being so kind to so cruel what did I do to change you How come you changed the tone of your voice to so harsh what did I say to...

4. Sofia Talvik - Gone
No I'm not angry it's just sad to see how she's trying to hold on I'm nor worried I'm just sick of it how she won't see that it's gone that you're...

5. Sofia Talvik - If I Had A Man
Sister if I had a man who wouldn't mind to let me down who'd always treat me like a clown what would you say sister if i loved this man who'd never...

6. Sofia Talvik - In A Lonely Hour
Why do I hungrily swallow each word you tell me why why do I dream of Kafka and the great Russian writers why And the General says hello And the...

7. Sofia Talvik - Not Far From The Water
He's living in the wooden house behind the old playground where fairys fly not far from the water two rowingboats wich fits but one and will not...

8. Sofia Talvik - Plaseme
You say you don't know what you're looking for but you'll know it when she comes walking through that door And I've walked through that door so many...

9. Sofia Talvik - Maybe Then Will Be Then
Maybe when the rain stop falling maybe when the clouds are gone maybe when the bombs stop falling maybe then will be then When people shake off...

10. Sofia Talvik - Crime
I pulled it off as an act so you wouldn't notice that what you saw was actually me We talked about all except from what mattered it summons up ...

11. Sofia Talvik - Wish
I love the look in your eyes when you're looking at me love the way your cheek brushes against mine in the disco when it's loud and you're whispering...

12. Sofia Talvik - She?s Leaving
Fix the foam upon the river stop the falling leaves in the air freeze the rabbit in its shiver She's leaving Let the windmills rest their battle...

13. Sofia Talvik - Superman
You can take off that cape and fly back to where you came from cause there's nothing that you can save me from this time For once you're too late ...

14. Sofia Talvik - So
The face you keep hidden under yor bed the fear that sometimes makes your feet go numb the awful things you never said I know you now and that is why...

15. Sofia Talvik - Tonight
Sometimes when I see you I don't know your name I don't know if you are my enemy or friend Got so used to running I don't know when to stop when I...

16. Sofia Talvik - Rock Me To Sleep
Been spending my time counting the stars watching days passing by oh how time flies and without a sign the day has arrived when it's time to pack up...

17. Sofia Talvik - Running Out Of You
Maybe you were struck by lightning or run over by a truck maybe a spaceship did abduct you maybe you ran out of luck maybe a flock of hungry tigers ...

18. Sofia Talvik - What Happened On The Bridge Today
What happened on the bridge today were those the words you planned to say was that some kind of statement that you had to make Do you believe in...

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