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1. The Eastern Mile - Sink Or Swim
I'll make myself at home between our skies. And I'll brush the rays off from your eyes. You'll keep looking till your neck is sore. I'm the...

2. The Eastern Mile - Almost Obsession
Just so you know for certain You can't hide behind your curtain. Random thoughts for the old and the young. Keeping up the time with songs unsung....

3. The Eastern Mile - Keystone Charm
Here comes the sun, here comes another long day. Here comes the car driving the wrong way. This is the ghost that I pass by. Heres comes the star...

4. The Eastern Mile - Starry Nights In Carolina
CHORUS And I can't believe what you cannot say. It's hard to recognize your face when my reaction's so delayed. And I just dont know how to make it...

5. The Eastern Mile - Impatience Is A Virtue
She Said, "Do me a favor and stay right here forever, or at least until the sun sings out its song." He Said, "I'll do you this one favor, And I'll...

6. The Eastern Mile - Camperdown Way
In an earthquake would this town still stand; To be strong enough to give this bridge a hand? Now theres something over my shoulder that I gotta look...

7. The Eastern Mile - Don't Sue God For Raining On Your Parade
Write me off like an X on your bed and you'll know, Just where you're at with me. I'm lethargic my eyes are glazing red And I know every poison thats...

8. The Eastern Mile - Rhyme From Reason
Hey you, its just me, Do you remember how it went so quietly? I can see a rustic appeal, a generated cast just to make it seem real. It goes that...

9. The Eastern Mile - Novelty
Flipping pages for attention in the waiting room, She doesnt even notice I left. If this is concrete and my feet are stuck, It wont be long I'll get...

10. The Eastern Mile - Stereotypical
And our time is running out Cause I go down with the sunset. Like a new-born baby, You just have to teach me slowly. Cause my heart is learning how...

11. The Eastern Mile - A Razor Can't Cut Time (but Michael J. Fox Can!)
Its like a back ache when you're taking a bow. And it's too late to go over it now Never again, Never again will I hurt you. Will I hurt you? Its...

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