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1. Cats Are Aliens - Dateface
Putting on a face that says you wanna go Gotta set a date 'cause you're in Don Juan mode But you'll never get to heaven with your hard-on on show...

2. Cats Are Aliens - Coitus Interruptus
Practice it, preach it Pretend I don't need it Looked in the navel for shame Gifted in crafting a song of self-loathing A game in the dark, let's...

3. Cats Are Aliens - God Speed You, My Brother
He's off again, with the song Ed sang reverberating I just wanna dance to the shaman's tune in congratulation We had to stop, like the arcane figures...

4. Cats Are Aliens - Cosmetic Stain
I've had to accept in the space of a day I'm wishing for granted and taken away A photocopy of health, breast-feeding lies I've got wooden arms yet...

5. Cats Are Aliens - Amen The Thunderbolt
A storm is on the way, my friends The air is charged and thin Clouds have gathered overhead The rain is setting in A feel a drop upon my cheek I hear...

6. Cats Are Aliens - Letter To Boddah
If this bread wasn't stale we could have eaten today I'll feel around for somewhere to stay Worked hard to unveil this bible in Braille But written...

7. Cats Are Aliens - Parable
At the bottom of the garden I see you in robes of flowing stone And though I doubt your hands are holy You see through me as if I were a ghost You...

8. Cats Are Aliens - Lacatus Fringe
Feeling like a wise man Holding an ankh to the light Then I get to thinking I'll find cities in sand And I take another beating While I'm losing my...

9. Cats Are Aliens - Sleeper Hit
The ghost of Sunday morning is hoping I'm awake The ticking of the silence is keeping me insane If I wait forever will I get my way? I can finally...

10. Cats Are Aliens - Chemiserations
Better run Better burn something down Better play dead Better off with your back to it all To good health Do you feel like a half or a whole? Can you...

11. Cats Are Aliens - Years
Come and spend an hour down here Break your fall by swelling up It's too cold here but the view is great I ignore the fact that my legs refuse to...

12. Cats Are Aliens - Sarcoma
Plus, he's had a skinful Looking out his window at parasitic people Plus, he's on a mission A visionary expedition with an eye on their extinction ...

13. Cats Are Aliens - Acting Like Oil
Ride on the wind and down Hide in cracks in the ground Follow this random course We meet and gather force Drink deeply, we of liquid flesh...

14. Cats Are Aliens - Fit To Drop
Not until you're older Mommy's little sunshine Mommy's special treasure Proper little Einstein Such a rosy future Speaking relativity Record in a...

15. Cats Are Aliens - Selina
Selina says she's had enough End of story She's had it rough and I deplore it So I'll bandage her chicken scratches And kiss her on her forehead I'll...

16. Cats Are Aliens - Blush
I am no one But I'm your one And I'm hiding where I know you'll never find me In the long grass In the long run I can watch you, safe from harm from...

17. Cats Are Aliens - Cry At The Moon
Do mankind a favour Break a fall today I soak my sponge in ether It helps me hibernate Now Heaven's underwater And Hell's back in its place I'll name...

18. Cats Are Aliens - Shoe
Stabbed you in the dark Made a hole that barely missed the mark Grazed across the heart You'll want to get that seen to, pretty smart Held you in...

19. Cats Are Aliens - Dry
We're close to the surface, I'm too tired to think Awoken to find you beginning to sink I know all these strangers, a weakened defence Who knows what...

20. Cats Are Aliens - Heel
Root as a chain They've given this wisdom Take me away Religion's a prison When the one that I love And the one that loves me ain't the same I've got...

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