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1. Tammy Cochran - Go Slow
Soft touches on my skin Warm breath dancin 2 bodies fit ....perfectly a night thats full of magic So close I can hardly stand it 2 hearts...

2. Cherie - Older Than My Years
You say that you are leaving They say that I'm too young for you You say it's for the better And that one day soon, I will understand I believe that...

3. Roy Drusky - I Still Love You Enough
It's been such a long long time since you've said goodbye I thought that time would erase all the hurt and my heart would mend But I saw you...

4. John Hiatt - Ride Along
You get up in the morning You get on the bus You don't think about nothing You don't raise no fuss You come home in the evening Turn the TV on...

5. Tamar Braxton - Don't Cry
1. Why did I fall for you? And why am I still missing you? Why did I let you get close to me? You were never there for me, your kisses never meant...

6. Cherie - I'm Ready
(VERSE) I'm in a new place, with the same face, And nothing is formiller then me, But theres a storm rush, then the wind starts , And its bring...

7. Cherie - Betcha Never
(Betcha never...never ever... Betcha never, never ever) Don't tell me that you don't like anythign about me I seen it in your eyes that look You...

8. Talking Modern - You Can Win If You Want
You packed your things in a carpet bag Left home never looking back Rings on your fingers, paint on your toes Music wherever you go You don't...

9. The Hives - Whats That Spell_... Go To Hell!
So here I am yeah! Once again yeah! Calling out the news What's that spell yeah! Got to hell yeah is that phrase I'm about to use I saw you...

10. Cherie - I Belong
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh v1 I never had to many expectations I never thought there was someone out there for me So baby thank you for my...

11. John Hiatt - Zero House
You took my pride and I want it back No more loving on the torture rack No more running when you call my name The things we've done, baby make me...

12. Roy Drusky - Silver Wings
Silver wings shining in the sunlight roaring engines headed somewhere in flight They're taking you away leaving me lonely silver wings slowly fading...

13. Roy Drusky - It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'
(It keeps right on a hurtin' since you've gone) I cry myself to sleep each night wishing I could hold you tight Life seems so empty since you went...

14. Sarah Brightman - Dear Harp Of My Country!
Dear Harp of my Country! in darkness I found thee, The cold chain of silence had hung o'er thee long; When proudly, my own Island Harp! I unbound...

15. Basement Jaxx - Right Here's The Spot
(feat. MeShell Ndegeocello) I hit you with a lick a thang Love to feel your body move like this Rub me down ([Mm:] C'mon work that body) I hit...

16. Jimmy Eat World - Episode Iv
Episode IV leads us away from here. don't expect to find what you're (looking to). i can see the light leading away from you. let's disappear, we'll...

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