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1. Pink Military - Do Animals Believe In God?
Pulled the rip chord floated down down through the layers of cloud black and gold watch the TV saw the children lying, crying a long time ago light a...

2. Pink Military - Wild West
Wild west my spurs can rip your back for pain or pleasure wild west I've worn these boots since I was seventeen wild west I screw the bank for just...

3. Pink Military - Dreamtime
Look through the window that never was mine reflections of people that never cry in dreamtime in dreamtime lithe lust picks the shape up lithe lust...

4. Pink Military - I Cry
? je pleure, je pleure I cry, I cry, I cry, I cry hey little boy your body's so soft so warm come with me my darling you won't know that you've...

5. Pink Military - War Games
High command decrees we'll attack at noon intelligence says it's none too soon deep in my foxhole the telephone rings informing me of craters and...

6. Pink Military - Did You See Her?
Did you see her looking round the empty room did you feel her anguish, feel her gloom did you see her lying on the empty bed did you think of the...

7. Pink Military - Living In A Jungle
We're living in a jungle hey we're living in a jungle you're living in a jungle walking round watches, watches life thought the ? see him dance move...

8. Pink Military - After Hiroshima
Love is a word for all those who care touching me there climbing the stair if you say you care you'll stand by the foot if you say you dare the stork...

9. Pink Military - Degenerated Man
Degenerated man degenerated man saw a man that once was me no escaping, no escaping degenerated man degenerated man alone I climb his spiral mind...

10. Pink Military - Back On The London Stage
Back on the London stage we sailed away, oh we sailed away back on the London stage maybe one day we'll have time to argue looking for London pride...

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