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1. Petey Pablo - Show Me The Money
Show off that body you got You got that dance floor so hot You workin that, You twerkin that You checkin that, like a clock Cant nobody do it like I...

2. Petey Pablo - I Told Ya'll
Ah.. Hih.. Ha... Petey Pablo... Mmm Hmm... [Chorus:] I told y'all (told y'all) It was gunna happen, Y'all wouldn't listen to me (I told...

3. Petey Pablo - Raise Up
[David Nevermind (Petey Pablo)] This is David Nevermind And today's controversy is coming from yet another member (Aiyyo tell 'em that we not gon' be...

4. Petey Pablo - Raise Up (all Cities Remix)
This is David Nevermind And today's controversy is coming from yet another member or should I say members of the hip-hop community. Petey Pablo - a...

5. Petey Pablo - Fool For Love
Today we will be discussing... Love (I dont think you hear me though) Is there anyone.. (I don't think you hear me though) Is there anyone.. (I don't...

6. Petey Pablo - Break Me Off (feat. Missy Elliott)
[Petey Pablo] Man you see that Everytime they with all them big cars, we can't get nothin I don't like that, I don't like that at all [Chorus] I got...

7. Petey Pablo - Funroom
Hey And I can't be to late How long we gon be here? To when Where the hell is this taken me too? Man ya'll crazy The fun room? No The what? Man Ohh...

8. Petey Pablo - Intro
My momma said "It seemed like yesterday my brother Said him was gunna leave here Said he was gunna go and make some money himself" See my brother...

9. Petey Pablo - Let's Roc
[Petey Pablo] This, is a Petey Pizzle, Productshizzle Thank you man [Chorus] Let's Roc, let's roll, squad up (Squad Up, Squad Up) Let's Roc, let's...

10. Petey Pablo - Truth About Me
Ayo cuz When y'all tellin folk... about my life I don't want y'all to add nothing I don't want y'all to take nothing away I want y'all to play that...

11. Petey Pablo - Did You Miss Me
(feat. Baby, TQ) [Baby (Petey Pablo)] Oh yeah Birdman Prrrrrrr Yeah North Carceezy! Oh yeah Cash Money ha Yeah Get the money baby Get this money...

12. Petey Pablo - La Di Da Da Da
Ladies and Gentlemen (ladies and gentlemen) The party will continue (the party will continue) in 5,4,3,2,1. Party ain't over til 6 o'clock But my...

13. Petey Pablo - Need For Speed
Need for Speed I got a need for speed I got a need for speed I got a need for speed I got a need for speed When the cops come all I hear is...

14. Petey Pablo - Vibrate
(feat. Rasheeda) C'mon Yeah Yeah Yeah Make that ass vibrate, make that ass vibrate Make that ass vibrate, shake that shit till you Start an...

15. Petey Pablo - Fire
Get up, gimme that fire (fire) Get up, gimme that fire (fire) Get up, gimme that fire (fire) Get up, gimme that fire [Chorus:] Ima light thurr (come...

16. Petey Pablo - Diary Of A Sinner
[In Backround] I feel you Pablo [Petey Pablo] This Petey Pablo April the 9th, 19-2000 Diary of a sinner, huh, 1st entry [Verse 1] Dear diary, this...

17. Petey Pablo - You Know You Ghetto
Verse 1 when ur head is as big as ur pillow when ur cash is a check card in place when u put on panty hose instead of shaving ur legs when u...

18. Petey Pablo - Be Country
I'm gonna be country till the day i die Just because i got this and that And moved out from the projects Don't mean i forgot I'm gonna be country...

19. Petey Pablo - Blow Your Whistle
[Intro] Hey hey! Everybody come here, I need all y'all to come over here Come here come here, yeah, I want you to do this, come on [Chorus: repeat...

20. Petey Pablo - Freak A Leek
[Petey Pablo:] Let's take some calls from the request line. Caller number one..... [Caller:] Ay, up. This Dominique from shay...

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