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1. Tad Morose - Unwelcome Guest
Straight down, it's pitch black inside A pulse, they're tracking me down Look into the night Where horror resides This night, this blackness so...

2. Tad Morose - In The Shadows
For the fathers of wisdom are lost And the magic of freedom is gone Can a time that you spend on your own Heal the heart and the mind set in stone ...

3. Tad Morose - Anubis
It's your face that I see In the mist, in my dreams I am moved into tears Why are you calling me? Anubis When I listen, I hear What I see...

4. Tad Morose - Reason Of The Ghost
Look to the children They shine forevermore The light in their eyes Can open up the door Light our way Lost in the night We watch how they play...

5. Tad Morose - Riding The Beast
Time after time and once again See all the while they feed us only lies Twelve stars all plain to see and in my heart I fear yes we all fear the...

6. Tad Morose - A Mended Rhyme
He sat there so idle just sat on the ground I watched as he mumbled but I heard no sound I dared not go closer I dared not at first but somehow I...

7. Tad Morose - Matters Of The Dark
It is a cycle of destruction Rarely in control A time for termination and the filth that fill your soul A menacing society Like a meeting with your...

8. Tad Morose - The Devil's Finger
At the Devil's Inn There's a room for you and there's a table's set And they want you too Then the keeper smiles And I believe in Hell This is where...

9. Tad Morose - I Know Your Name
So much higher and in too deep Make believe is what I believe in I stalk you now, but what if I leave Don't ask me to carry you further You don't...

10. Tad Morose - Life In A Lonely Grave
In the wake of Armageddon We survived but was it worth it all? I've seen the light, clear and bright but where am I now? Earth is shaking, and...

11. Tad Morose - Morning Sun
See the morning sun open up the sky and shine it's light around The light is casting shadows and everything seems so real In the early morning so...

12. Tad Morose - Sender Of Thoughts
Souls are lost down in the valley of shadows Come meet me where the crimson sky is bending and we'll try to reach the new horizon Give me your...

13. Tad Morose - Leaving The Past Behind
Time is spinning around me like sparrows flying high Live to learn the questions concerning what's right or wrong Fading horizons the moment of ...

14. Tad Morose - No Wings To Burn
I am near you tonight I'm the dark, the dead, I'm the light Hear a voice through the black Soon to burn with the angels As you open the door There ...

15. Tad Morose - Absent Illusion
Climbing on the stairs of life Through different phases I've been Recollections from the silent years To learn the facts of life and fool the ...

16. Tad Morose - Forever Gone
Minute by minute I'm undergoing something that I've got in mind Memories that will be there forever are coming back right before my eyes ...

17. Tad Morose - Circuit Vision
They told me what I should do They gave me a way to get to you You never stood a chance The screen is never truly blank and I can't hide my mind...

18. Tad Morose - Reach For The Sky
I see a man out in the cold There's something there I see it in his eyes He wonders how to make it through the night and the days to come for the...

19. Tad Morose - The Dragon Tide
Watching the hills from the tower up north he sang, no he bellowed a song to the glory to the power of Karak Azul His heart now uneasy it would...

20. Tad Morose - Time Of Silence
Looking out in nowhere I see a distant gleam of light Faces I've never seen searching in a dream Candles burning down and the light is fading out...

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