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1. Wolf Eyes - Half Animal, Half Insane
I'd like a dry flies I keep a grip on my eyes I want some water, smoke, and lice I'd like a dry ice I keep a grip on my flies I want water, smoke,...

2. Wolf Eyes - Pissjoy
Everybody go, fetch the stereo Take a ride in the car to a place I know Monkeys in the park, shaking after dark We'll be back in the morning with the...

3. Wolf Eyes - Soundog Babylon
Something got me sinking in the bathtub Thinking how to figure you out Trying to figure out a way How to open your mouth when the monologues cut When...

4. Wolf Eyes - Now Is The Colour
Check out the scene The makers of taste are all peachy and keen The pace is of summer the height is a climb Now is the colour and blue is the time. ...

5. Wolf Eyes - Urge
Okay, you were right, I mean it's only fair, the up's gotta share with the down's How's about we go out tonight? Let's just go walking around Okay,...

6. Wolf Eyes - Desert Of Glue
So I let things pile up I prefer the trash to the bath Such an unbearable need In the backseat He's been there ten days In the back of my car...

7. Wolf Eyes - Track 01
Three stuck over and out like jagged rocks one night. And as for me, we talked about things that are only delight. The reasons of places of people...

8. Wolf Eyes - Anthem
The lights are on, the ships have gone I'm fine and dry and much to my relief I'm flying high, to beat the sky And one by one my blues pass...

9. Wolf Eyes - Junkenstein
White boy, white lie, two-faced dead guy Too lust for life to die along with it Take it, talk it, comb that carpet Pull on the bone and chaser in...

10. Wolf Eyes - Heroin
Na-na-na-ni-ni-ni-now Na-na-na-ni-ni-ni-now Na-na-na-ni-ni-ni-now Na-na-na-ni-ni-ni-now Na-na-na-ni-ni-ni-now Na-na-na-ni-ni-ni-now...

11. Wolf Eyes - Why You Lie
Regardez, this one's a whiner, this one's a wimp Walks with a smile and talks with a limp Lives by excuses, thinks we believe Then gets more confused...

12. Wolf Eyes - Wretched Hog
Am I alive or am I dead? You fucked the walls You better fuck the head This was because I'm half animal and half insane Because I'm environmental...

13. Wolf Eyes - Nurse Maxim
I've had a drink and a smile in every port of heaven And from a 5 on the dial I'm at 8, 9, 10 and 11 I've gotta find a way, I've gotta fix me a buzz...

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