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1. Something For Rockets - Take It Slow
I saw you out just the other day And you said, why you got to be a waste away? And then I said oh well I can't complain So if I, I were you I'd be...

2. Something For Rockets - Look Around
Take a look around The sidewalk is burning You can hear the sound Of everyone conversing It's all those thing you do That make me confused I don't...

3. Something For Rockets - Everybody Loves A Lot
I get up You're not always there I look out At the city yeah I see you And him down there But it's not me You're not always there Everybody loves a...

4. Something For Rockets - Tragic City
I know you so well like a sibling with fear Keep it undercover to disguise your own tears Nights in Manhattan in an alphabet light Only seeing double...

5. Something For Rockets - Might As Well
Baby looking at you darling you can hardly breathe Between the cigarettes and vodka tonics time spent on your knees Don't blame me for this...

6. Something For Rockets - Neighbors
Just stepped out tonight The cold it feels all right Standing on the corner of the lower damp east side I just felt you all night Where do I go from...

7. Something For Rockets - Dancefloor
I got something in the mail today oh boy It wasn't bad but it wasn't necessarily that good I got something in the mail today oh boy It said if you...

8. Something For Rockets - Red In The Face
I've been watching you from across the room With your cold martini And your lack luster crew Looking over there I've got nothing to loose Except...

9. Something For Rockets - All Ok
I get up on the town A place I don't even know I get up for the town I run into you all Compromising my path I run into you all And they tell me The...

10. Something For Rockets - The Line
I want to talk to you If that's all right I want to make a schedule for later on tonight It's all those foolish things That you hold dear But you can...

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