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1. Jim Roll - Bleed
So bleed if your bleeding and leave if you're leaving the only one holding you back just tree if your treeing your leaves are worth believing I won't...

2. Jim Roll - Down
She, she takes me down Down where I can hear you She, she Takes me Down Down Where I can hear She's Gonna Make Another world go round She's gonna...

3. Jim Roll - If I Was A Sailor
If I was a sailor and I was stranded out at sea wind blowing slow with my heart in tow salt stains on my knees I'd look to the sky sky is all I'd sea...

4. Jim Roll - 1955
Your hair's tied up in the eyes of my mind And I want to take you out tonight Just like they used to do in 1955 I just want to take you out tonight ...

5. Jim Roll - Double Time
I wanna feel your eyes inside of mine I wanna feel my heart my heart move double time your shoulder holds my head I rest me there double time. our...

6. Jim Roll - Dear
Everything is as it should be I don't know who we are or why we're here but you are the only one to hold me dear so take my mind and move it gently...

7. Jim Roll - Blind Me
Ain't nothing wrong with me I believe I'm a doing okay You can show 'em where the car is Never was mine anyway And this girl I love Well lately I...

8. Jim Roll - Backseat
When I'm riding with you I'm riding in the backseat baby! when I'm riding with you I'm riding in the back strange place to be - I can't see lemme...

9. Jim Roll - Witness World
Chase this I beg of you chase this back again the river is never as fast as the wind He was an old dodger way back when and I was a cold winter...

10. Jim Roll - Age Old Love Story
And I just want to say I'm sorry When things fall apart they look so strange And If I could do all my way I'd take all your pain lay it in the rain...

11. Jim Roll - Mary Ann
When I first told you that I loved you I was no angry man When I first told you that I loved you I was no angry man awe but time has changed all that...

12. Jim Roll - My Savior
My Savior's got my name carved out in the back of his hand. My Savior's got my name carved out in the back of his hand. He ain't gonna let me stray...

13. Jim Roll - Everything
She's the time, she's the way at the end of the day she's everything a body needs and I don't mind it's a car it's a train the sound of the pain is...

14. Jim Roll - She Ain't Gonna Go
Fear rises, terrorizes all the lonely places Old lovers buried deep and without faces But this time - riding far away She's not the one who stole my...

15. Jim Roll - Another Lover (i Never Had)
You take a socially conscious view of the things you do try and take a walk in everybody else's shoes makes me wonder what was on your mind when you...

16. Jim Roll - Old Love
Comes to you when you're all alone boy comes to you when you are out on a date comes to you when you're sitting up at home comes to you and keeps you...

17. Jim Roll - These Winds
And she said it's just the wind dear and that I'd been away too long and if I couldn't call on my parents that I'd never sing my song These Winds...

18. Jim Roll - Never Gonna Dry
Never gonna dry never gonna dry never gonna dry these eyes once they start to cry well you know you went and took me like a mailman down to the...

19. Jim Roll - Lunette
You look so pretty out my window You're such a third dimension, when everything's been over mentioned and I never thought I'd see your face Reflected...

20. Jim Roll - This Time
And if you don't like what you see and you're distracted by her ease I'm not gonna cry, I'm gonna make it this I'm gonna make it this time. this...

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