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1. God Street Wine - Fortress Of Solitude
What a crazy night Wine and smoke filled my head with dreams You so near I saw your hands and finger everywhere Now darling if you're feeling afraid...

2. God Street Wine - Upside Down & Inside Out
Sometimes the world seems a little too straight-ahead And I get a bit tired of all the rules Want to change the colors all to gold and red and you...

3. God Street Wine - Don't Tell God
The sun fell though the bedroom window On a teenage bed she lowered her head She thought back to long ago before she was led Stripped of all the life...

4. God Street Wine - Crazy Head
When the sky is dark and the night is warm I am the center of your storm Do you feel like setting the world on fire Or lighting it up like a neon...

5. God Street Wine - Feel The Pressure
Spend my time Thinkin' about it It'll happen I'll be glad Tell myself I can't live without it Drives me crazy Makes me mad I feel the pressure start...

6. God Street Wine - Borderline
Mirror, mirror on the wall You know I thought I knew it all But now I see I never stopped to listen I've been measuring the October days Forgetting...

7. God Street Wine - Wendy
Blonde Wendy, the principal's daughter Scrubs her teeth to a pearly white Bathes herself in wine and water Getting set to go out tonight. She covers...

8. God Street Wine - Red And Milky White
Ooh, all the good things she will make you Ooh, all the places she will take you She will eat you up, she will swallow you down She will drop you off...

9. God Street Wine - Molly
Molly M-M-M-Molly Such a curious name I say it again and again And it still sounds just the same Molly M-M-M-Molly Turns my lovelight on Every night...

10. God Street Wine - Hellfire
Come everybody to the video night Where the flames of anger burn green and white Where the sands are hot and the days are long And we slouch through...

11. God Street Wine - Better Than You
Hey friend lookin' oh so fine Are you gonna see that girl again? Hey friend I can read your mind If you drop her won't you telll me when? You Just go...

12. God Street Wine - Driving West
Well I got big ideas goin' through my head My hands are shakin' I can barely speak And I'm driving down to the rich part of town Gonna see a girl...

13. God Street Wine - Epilog
Night, hello Won't you take me where you think I oughta go And tell me what tyou think I need to know Won't you wrap me up like a baby And carry me...

14. God Street Wine - Imogene
Well it was late in September When I saw you there Walking down Seventh Street With your new funky hair Blonde and green Did you think it was outta...

15. God Street Wine - Get On The Train
Mama's in the kitchen with a steak knife Showing her sister how she slices the meat Daddy's on the phone with his first wife Saying "I'd like to come...

16. God Street Wine - Home Again
Ooh little cousin See how far you've come Between the daybreak and the setting sun Ooh little cousin See how hard it's been To hold your head up in...

17. God Street Wine - Maybe
Maybe lovers stumble towards a silver moon Talk trivialities, sing out of tune Bourbon breath, sandy toes in ocean spray Last summer evening as...

18. God Street Wine - Chop!
Get up middle sister Do me like you did Get up middle sister Don'tcha keep your belly hid Good morning mother shaker Do me like you did Good...

19. God Street Wine - Mile By Mile
Mile by mile My hands in my pockets and my feet on the ground Mile by mile I know I've got to find you, I've been every where in town Smells like...

20. God Street Wine - When The White Sun Turns To Red
Come, my beautiful Amy Come, lay down your sweet head We'll go out to play in the fields of Galilee We'll fade away when the white sun turns to red ...

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