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1. Jon Randall - Circles
This old boy lived down the road from me Used to drive a beat up Dodge He showed up drunk as hell one night Parked in my garage I had to ask him...

2. Jon Randall - Cold Coffee Morning
The saddest face I've ever shaved is staring back at me My eyes look like a roadmap Lord I ain't slept a wink So I turned on the radio Heard the...

3. Jon Randall - I Don't Go There Anymore
I use to think about the good old times I use to go there in my mind But the tears start to fall So I don't go there anymore I use to dream about...

4. Jon Randall - She Don't Believe In Fairy Tales
She close that door She left the key She won't be back again She don?t believe in fairy tales She read that book she changed the end She won't be...

5. Jon Randall - Lonely For Awhile
They say the only cure for losing a woman Is another woman But I'm not so sure that's true Anyone could look in these eyes and know I got a long way...

6. Jon Randall - Long Way Down
Used to think in circles get all tangled up inside One day I finally came unwound I jumped off the deep end to get a bird's eye point of view And...

7. Jon Randall - Can't Hurt Anymore
You won't see me hanging around like a long lost friend With my ear glued to some pay phone calling you up again Cause I've had all of the one last...

8. Jon Randall - Standin Still
Here comes that highway honey Ain't much behind us but the road That rear view mirror's funny It's all fogged up and it ain't even cold Pretty soon...

9. Jon Randall - Afraid Of The Dark
Baby turn on the light I wanna see your face I don't trust you out of sight Afraid that you might fall from grace Where does that leave me When your...

10. Jon Randall - Just Like You
It?s 3AM I'm hanging out with the moon We're getting to be good friends It reminds me of you Sometimes it smiles And once in a while it's blue And by...

11. Jon Randall - I Can't Drive You From My Mind
This old road goes on forever Just like the sound of goodbye Watching the rain dance in the heavens Wishing this old mustang could fly I still hear...

12. Jon Randall - Reno And Me
Reno and Me took the freeway South out of town on the run Reno was driving he asked me to go with him So I turned on the radio I found us some sweet...

13. Jon Randall - Knowing You're There
I have my dreams my share of doubts Keeping you out is the last thing that I want to do I need to feel you next to me Being apart of everything I'm...

14. Jon Randall - The Heartbreak Kind
You're lying all alone at night Listen to the rain that's falling down You're calling out your baby's name Ah but she just ain't around Sleep don't...

15. Jon Randall - Austin
Where did all my friends go What happened to my scene Feels like the Memphis Mafia Up and left the king And I've been swimming for redemption But...

16. Jon Randall - Walking Among The Living
I could hear them talking as I was layin' in that hole With a mountain of trouble weighing on my soul They all stood around kicking dirt on my grave...

17. Jon Randall - She Reminds Me Of Texas
Two thousand miles from Austin Playing this dive up in Boston Another city I'm lost in Just a stranger in town She caught my eye when I saw her...

18. Jon Randall - North Carolina Moon
I woke up this morning to the humming of the engines Hauling nature's finest from the Gulf of Mexico Ridin' this ol' river is peaceful but it's...

19. Jon Randall - Somebody Else
There's a light that keeps on shinning And it shines until my eyes are sore There's a thought I keep on thinkin' I guess I'll think it 'til I can't...

20. Jon Randall - Only Game In Town
Tonight you just might hit the jackpot But you know that's not why you came It's ten to one you'll mind up losing Even if you find an honest game...

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